Greetings, weary traveler




I am most pleased that you have stumbled upon my doorstep, tired and hungry as you are.

Please, do come in.

George will take your coat. Now, now, no need to hesitate, he won’t bite you. He just drools a little when excited.


Mind the second step. Oh, I am sorry. I should really have said mind every second step. George is our handyman as well as our butler. Only, he’s not all that handy. Quite comical isn’t it, considering he only has one hand. Ha, ha. He bit the other one off.

Your room is on the left, or the right, it doesn’t much matter which. We see so little of outsiders yet we are always prepared for guests. You may want to…


Yes. I said, ‘He bit the other one off’. Are you hard of hearing?

You aren’t? That’s a shame. A night here is always spent sounder by the hard of hearing.


Oh, and one last thing. Please, explore at your pleasure, but… you mustn’t go in room 336. You won’t, will you?

51 thoughts on “Greetings, weary traveler”

  1. Experiences like this are the reason I presently refrain from using Air BnB, as well as avoiding like the plague anything that has received less than 3 stars on Hostelworld. Fantastic to read, and further proof, if any was indeed was needed, that street cats make terrible convierges.

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    1. You’ve just reminded me that I’ve been meaning to write the whole room 336 thing! Oh and George is a sweetheart! Haha! Thanks for stopping by, love your blog!


    1. Aha! Oh yikes, that sure might be an issue! Knowing ol’ George he might also have signposted towards it when meaning to sign away from it, too! “Accidentally”, of course..! What a night to be in for!


  2. a creepy welcome

    but a riot!

    enjoyed this

    yes, goodnight

    oh this? no, it’s not a door lock pick

    I use it as a chopstick for eating

    Yes, I’d appreciate George giving me a wake-up call in the morning

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    1. Haha! Heading over to room 1408, are we?! Gosh whenever someone posts on this I remember I was supposed to continue writing this little short. Thanks for stopping by and for the laugh! 😄


    1. Oh hey!! Happy to see you passing through here. I really like your writing! And don’t worry too much, in room 336 is a yet to be decided pile of ideas of what might be in room 336!

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