I don’t care if he’s a different species, I love him!

I finally watched Guardians of the Galaxy and it is freakin’ awesome. I did plan to watch it in the cinema but, look, that just never happens. It means sticking to a schedule and those aren’t easy when you’re inside and busy staring at a wall. But, I’m glad I finally watched the film. I’ve read some of the comics and I’m ashamed to say I have the Rocket Raccoon and Groot Complete Collection and I’m still to do more than flick through it, but I will, because I’m in love. I’m just not sure who with yet, I mean Rocket is all badass but then Groot is just a sweetheart.

The film was great. I liked the music and the way the tape recorder was used, I liked the songs. I was a bit unsure about the end when they all held hands, but it worked. Drax was hilarious and I laughed out loud when he said that a metaphor would not fly over his head because his reflexes are too fast. Gamora was fantastic but why is it that every main female in a superhero film has to do that head flick thing? You know the one, fall to the floor, land in a sexy pose, flick back hair and stare straight ahead. Scarlett Johansson has pretty much perfected it.

Rocket and Groot kind of made it for me though. They work so well together and it made everything that happen to them count. Also, I think Groot dancing in the plant pot at the end is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen, even more so than the cats of the internet. Sorry cats of the internet.

There was something else that Guardians made me think of though, and that was Destiny. Nothing major, but when the film starts we see a planet that has water shoots. I couldn’t help but think how awesome it would be if in Destiny you didn’t only find your character fighting against enemies, but if natural disasters occurred on the planets and you had to survive them, or just traverse around them. I don’t know, I just love when an event starts and the sky goes black, imagine if that was the coming of a storm? Or like in Sim City when you’d suddenly have sirens and panic and Godzilla walking across your map. Bah, I’m rambling, I just thought it could be cool.

I finally finished co-writing day three of a visual novel I’m working on. It took me a long, long time to get round to it and I absolutely hate using any excuse for not getting work done so instead I just look like a slacker. But, it’s done. I’ve also started thinking about writing a horror for teens but I don’t know if I’m capable of it. I think I need to read some and see how the pros handle atmosphere. I’m not too interested in gore, I like spooks and stuff. And finally (on this boring topic) I desperately need to send my fantasy novel off to more agents because there is nothing I like more than rejections, but no, seriously, what the hell am I playing at?

Right, this is a long entry about a film and a fictional romance with a raccoon. Does that fanfiction exist? Yo, Drax?


Why am I even asking, of course it does!

And just before I sign off, in case you’re having a bad day, check this out:



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