Kerfuffle Headaches and the Like

Ever had one of those headaches that don’t really ache they more, I don’t know, kerfuffle? The front of your head just feels kind of stuffy, like too much room is being taken up wondering whodunnit in the latest show of whatever you’re watching. Well, that’s what I felt as I started writing this so that’s why we now have that title.

Speaking of shows (see what I did there? So sneaky) I found Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and lost part of my soul and a good chunk of my days to it. I don’t think I remember noticing when day left and night started its shift, it was all just one big blur with the letter “A” smack bang in the middle of it. If anyone is reading this, are you watching? Have you seen any of it? I think it might be aimed at teenagers but damn the writers have a knack for drawing you back in just as you’re thinking “okay they must have reached their edge of the seat peak now”. I freakin’ love outrageous and arrogant behaviour on the part of fiendish villains and so part of me honestly doesn’t want to discover who A is. But, we have two more seasons ahead of us so, fuck yeah!

Other than watching Pretty Little Liars I’ve been going back and forth over the latest piece of writing for the game I’m working on. I feel like I need to work myself up before actually starting to write. Like there’s this big build up before I can sit down and get stuck in. Part of it is probably because I lack motivation but I wonder if the other part is still (after so many years) doubt over what I write. It’s such a tiring process. I feel as though I’m building a lego tower fully knowing that I’m going to knock it down again as soon as I place the last brick, and then do it again and again and again.

That being said, I would have got a lot more work done if my laptop Aristotle didn’t keep deciding to freeze whenever he gets the chance. “Oh, you wanted to work on that? I’m sorry I just felt like having a nap.” “Sorry, did I doze off again? It must be all those late nights on YouTube.” “What do you mean I freeze up every time you try and watch a YouTube video?” “Have you been seeing other people?”

Speaking of YouTube, I’d like to share with you a song that is utterly addictive. Although, I uh, haven’t listened to all of it. I stop it at around two minutes in and then go back to the start. Lord, it’s one badass track. Have a listen and I swear before you know it you’ll have a motorbike beneath you and a scar going down your left eye.

That’s it for today because if I want to keep writing these I need to make sure it doesn’t start to feel like a chore.



(What have I become? Send help.)

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