The Truly Incredible Deductions of an Armchair Detective

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5: Episode 18 “Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me”

Items of Suspicion:



This episode I noticed a startling number of book and lamp appearances and I am convinced that the secret to Mona’s death lies somewhere therein.

From the get go we are given a glimpse of this sneaky little number, an image of a lamp that has been knocked over during Mona’s struggle with her killer. Notice how it is on the floor? That is because it has been pushed over.


As well as lamps we see a number of book appearances.


For those of us who aren’t as observant as others, there is even a sign at the beginning of the episode that reads “BOOKS” and I believe, just as with the first lamp of the episode, this is a foreshadowing of “A” knowledge to come.


Half way through the episode we see Mike lounging watching a film, one from a list Mona compiled that they would one day watch together. Although I have no doubt the writers hoped we would be led to think this was of some importance, I can assure you this is no more than a red herring. The true clue instead is just to the right of his head. That’s correct, another lamp.


And let’s not glance over his scathing remark about Mona being “Too smart.” So smart that she reads books, hmm?

Not quite convinced that perhaps Aria’s little brother is on the A team?

Here is an image from Ezra’s apartment in Season 3 Episode 19 “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted?” Do you see what I see? And we all know who Ezra turned out to be, don’t we?

Ezra apartment

I know what you’re thinking, “Well of course there are lamps and books in the show they’re everyday items!” But if this is true, then how do you explain this? Mona, reading none other than a book, beside what we can say with quite some certainty is a lamp.


Now, I’ve spoken about books but I’m yet to point out the importance of them. It goes without saying that books contain words, and what are words made up of if not letters? It is letters that brings us closer to the answer, because letters belong to their own little grouping. That’s right, the alphabet. And what is the first letter of the English alphabet? Bingo. “A”.

For those serious about their armchair sleuthing I’m adding in a little extra. The book that seems to be under the spotlight (and where do spotlights usually shine from? Hmm…) is a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe.

Books 2

Opening my own collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe, which I always keep at hand for such times, I am quick to find a sentence that begins with the letter A. It reads, “And what means are ours of attaining the truth?” (The Mystery of Marie Roget).

Interesting, very interesting.

The truth it appears is something that Caleb and Hanna are attempting to ascertain as they listen to a tape discovered in Mona’s room (where it was discovered is of little importance). The recording of Lesli ranting about Mona rolls on while the camera shifts in and out of focus on a lamp. This lamp, unlike the others, is facing away from our characters. These pair are obviously not “A”.


We are soon with Mike again, watching a scene where he is not only once more standing in close proximity of a lamp, but now he is actually standing beneath it.


And for those still not convinced, who other than Mike Montgomery could this doll be made in the image of?


Join me next week as we continue to decipher the hidden mysteries of Rosewood and together, masterfully, learn the identity of “Big A”.

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