Life Is Strange


I can’t find the word I’m looking for. It’s there on my tongue but when I try and sound it all that comes out is…you know, I don’t even think the letter it starts with exists. I suppose homely will do. It’s that feeling when you play a game and you just feel content, like you’ve found some place you belong and you want to stay, or you want more: more people to talk to, more messages to read, more places to explore. That’s how ‘Life Is Strange’ made me feel.

I didn’t even know of the game until a month before its release when Boss (this is what I’m going to call the super awesome girl who I’m working with on a visual novel) told me about it. She explained a little to me and then I headed over to ye old faithful Google to read a little more. It looked good, but I mostly forgot about it until I saw it appear on Xbox One.

I can’t explain what it is about some games that just hook me. Telltale are brilliant at it, they could create a game about a man walking to the shops and back and I’d no doubt still find it entertaining. Swery, the guy behind Deadly Premonition and D4, is also able to create worlds that I adore. And Catherine, too. I loved Catherine. Perhaps it’s the music. I find the music to be unusual and relaxing in most of the games I enjoy. The art, too, there has to be something special about that.

But, anyway. Life is Strange. The first episode was really chill and although it took me a few hours to complete because I was enjoying going back and making different choices it felt like it was over too soon. The time travelling ability is pretty sweet. I’m generally not all that interested in time travel stories or even the ability to time travel but I like how it is used.

The character you play as is incredibly ordinary other than, you know, the whole time travelling thing, and I think that’s what I like about her. She’s easy going and has normal hobbies like music and photography and her friends are just your ordinary kids too. It feels realistic and relevant to the time. The homage to Twin Peaks on Chloe’s license plate was also pretty sweet! There was also something Alan Wakey about the tornado, but uh, that could just be the fact it’s dark and there’s a tornado. Either way I enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the future episodes.

What is it with episodic games? It’s hardly a cash cow because overall they wind up cheaper than a full release so I wonder if it’s furthering that feel of a TV series. Especially with games like the ones Telltale release, and D4 did feel like an American sitcom… just, a really strange one.

3 thoughts on “Life Is Strange”

    1. Aaah tell me about it! I’m mean though so I’m gonna talk about it! 😋 I saw the first episode of it and it has that same feel about it but with chloe’s edgy “you don’t know me, mom!” to it. It’s pretty sweet seeing Rachel Amber around and, uh, alive. There, I’ll say no more. Does my cruelty know no bounds!

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