Nothing to Read Here, Nothing to Write

My book is still enjoying its time whoring around agents and being rejected, my second book is busy being stubborn, and in between those I got nuffin to ramble about.

I’m stuck at this point where I’m going nowhere and even though there are supposedly a bunch of different avenues I can walk down, I can’t because each sign reads “MAYBE THIS ONE” and I just want to see a big flashy Vegas sign that reads confidently “THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!”

It’s frustrating because what I care about most is what my target audience think of what I write, and last I heard there weren’t many children working in literary agencies. I could post the book up on to one of the reading sites like Wattpad or Jukebox. But, I hear if you do that then you’re pretty much putting your own head on the chopping block when it comes to hoping for an agent.

Then again, what of those stories we so often read. Where so and so posted a fan fiction on a website and now that is being developed in to a book and soon to be a major motion picture starring some big star we’re sure to have heard of.

Part of me feels like what I’ve written isn’t worth selling anyway. I feel like I got a lot wrong and I’m hoping I’ll get it right with the sequel. What was supposed to be the starting book of a series now almost feels like an epilogue. Despite the bloody length of it (and that’s a whole other kettle of oil and muck and stuff you don’t want in your cup of tea).

Do I even want an agent? I like the idea of being in a team. Working with someone who gets what I want to do and gives me the freedom to do it. I mean, I’ve started with a book, but I’m working on a visual novel and I want to move on to a graphic novel. There are so many mediums to work in now when it comes to writing that even if I did take the right path to get published and gain readers there’s probably just another crossroads waiting at the end of that.

I feel like I want to make a name for myself first. To make it on my own, get a great group of readers and build a career from there. Because right now I feel like I’m knocking on the door to a fancy clubhouse with a breadstick while all the members sit inside eating caviar. I’m not bitter, I’m just confused. I’m usually confused to be honest, so that doesn’t help.

I can’t remember what I was supposed to be saying with this blog, but I don’t think it’s what I have said. I’m sure it was much more to do with looking for somewhere to find writing prompts on WordPress. I’ve subscribed to the WordPress Prompts, but for whatever reason I suck at finding more.

Anyway, since we got on the topic, to any other writers out there looking for an agent or a publisher, I salute you with my breadstick.

And finally, for a laugh, here’s a quote from Literary Rejections ( ) that a fellow member of Litopia posted: “To prove how hard it is for new writers to break in, Jerzy Kosinski uses a pen name to submit his bestseller Steps to 13 literary agents and 14 publishers. All of them reject it, including Random House, who had published it.”

4 thoughts on “Nothing to Read Here, Nothing to Write”

  1. This. This. Makes all the difference. To be able to write what’s been bothering and not. I must say – 2 books – is a big deal. I appreciate your hard work and pray your book reaches the next leg of its journey. Love to you, Arbie. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Asha. It’s weird reading back on this post when I now know I want to be an indie author. It’s interesting seeing my doubts with traditional publishing even then! All the love back to you too! 🙂 ❤

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