The Truly Incredible Deductions of an Armchair Detective

Pretty Little Liars

Season 5: Episode 19 “Out, Damn Spot”


Items of Suspicion


(And dare I say it?) Lamps

Right off the bat we see the girls waiting to donate blood at a blood drive. Although the obvious intrigue here should be blood I can assure you that it is not. No, instead, we should look to where the cookie crumbles. That’s right, cookies.

We’re clued in to the fact that Emily can’t donate blood because of her recent trip to Haiti, (isn’t that convenient?) as she sits down to eat a cookie beside Spencer.


A few more minutes pass until we hear the clatter of a plate falling to the floor. On that plate? Cookies.


We then see Mike making a quick getaway. Now already we have a connection between Mike and the cookies, but, what we’re also given here is a connection between Emily, Mike, and the cookies. Make note of this, it’s more important than you think.


Andrew is brought back in this episode and we see him sitting in front of Aria during an exam. Now, if you look closely you will make out the words “Solve for A” and below it, if we work out the equation, I’m fairly certain of what it would be. By now, I’m sure that you, my genius partner in solving unsolvable cases, know what the answer would be, too.


The rest of the episode is quite slow for revelations but we are soon given two huge hits in quick succession when Mike heads to a diner. Even without the incredible observation skills I possess one should be able to make out that shining brightly above Mike’s head is the letter “A”. Oh, ho! Shining like a light you mean? Possibly even a lamp, you say! I hope we all remember how much was revealed through lamps in last week’s edition of armchair detective.

A sign

The second big clue is of course that this is a diner, and what is sold at diners? Cookies. And who had the first cookie of the episode? Emily. And where is Emily? At the diner.


But, where is Emily now?


Yet who is this at the door?


That’s right. In a swift conclusion we can quite confidently deduce that Emily is A, and without a doubt Mike is Emily.

No secret is safe from me, no mystery too mysterious. I got you, A. I got you.

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