The door was tiny, smaller than any Tom had seen before and belonged to what he could only presume was a family of rodents.

“It conceals the secrets all wish to obtain, but only the bravest enter to find them,” whispered a voice into his ear.

“According to Ma, locked doors are locked for a reason and that reason ain’t of my concern,” Tom replied, but continued to study the stained dark wood of the door and the roughly cut metal keyhole.

The elderly man shifted his weight from his inward turned knees and onto the cane he held; a cane that in the dull light appeared to be made of finger bones.

“If you’re the key then surely it is of your concern,” he said with a slight grin, “Just close your eyes, feel the cold metal against your fingertip and take a deep, final breath.”

Five Sentence Flash Fiction – Writing Prompt “Open”

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