Flashback Friday – The Writing Edition

After discovering that one of my old drawers had become the home of stray poems and stories I decided what better a thing to do than burn them. Honestly, I thought this as I read through some of the truly cringe worthy pieces I’m sure my teenage self once laboured over. I’m not saying I’m a better writer now, I’m just saying hind sight is 20-20. (Although I got my eyes tested recently and I supposedly have wicked eyesight – so why the hell am I still sucking so hard at this wordsmithery business?)

Anyway, what the heck! I have nothing to lose. I draw sticks, I may as well fully incorporate this new no shame. So, until I run out of them, I’m going to post things that I wrote years ago.

Don’t read with any expectations because I’m not going to change anything. If the mood takes me maybe I’ll also post an edited version, or comment on what I’ve written and say what stands out to me, what I like or dislike. I don’t know. I’m currently being ruthless with my manuscript so I guess I feel like taking it out on past me as well. Oh, teenage angst!

You know, I’ve just looked through some of the pages and I can’t find the poem (honestly, I don’t think you can call what I used to write poetry, it’s just not something I’m any good at) that once meant a lot to me. That’s a shame, because none of this is on my laptop.

If you’re reading this and also have things around that you feel like sharing, please do!

Until the writing time machine,

– A

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