Valentine’s Day

Welcome, welcome

all aboard!

It’s Valentine’s Day,

time for chocolate and candy and flowers to horde!

Your lovers will adorn you in fancy gold rings,

to try lessen the pain of their infidelity stings!

But alas for today is no lovers jest,

it’s one day of the year to make up for the rest!

So forget the number three hundred, sixty and five,

and forgive your partner for all the times that they’ve lied.

(who really cares if they caught their lover cheating?

really getting down in the bedroom, not out at a meeting!)

But women remember what is usually considered a gift,

a shimmering watch, and not a slashed wrist.

And fella’s think now on her favourite song,

not different ways to kill her for all she did wrong!

So enjoy yourself all, whilst out at your meal,

and leave the blows of justice for fate to deal!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ouch. I should have issued a warning about all the edge found here!

I vaguely remember writing this when I was roughly around the age of 17. I had in my mind it being recited by a circus ring leader. Each line would be spoken to a different person in the audience and he’d swing between them, the part in brackets he’d whisper into someone’s ear as they snuggled closer to their partner in fear.

Yeah, I remember this.

From the note on the piece of paper it looks like I couldn’t decide whether or not to use the word “and” in this part: “a shimmering watch, and not a slashed wrist”. It also looks like I was having my own affair with exclamation marks. Funny, because I can’t stand using them in what I write now!

I don’t know. It’s a silly piece of writing that I probably wrote because I was pissed at a boyfriend or something. But, I kind of like it. That may be because of the scene I imagined to go with it, though.

Next week I’ll post some fiction with a dragon in it. I’m trying to decide how best to post longer stories. They might appear in parts or I might just chuck it all in and give a gold star to anyone who reads the entire thing.

Until next writing time machine.

– A

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