In Which a Girl Follows a Cat

The cool flow of the water rippled between my clammy toes and placed me in a soothing day dream. I sighed peacefully as the warm rays of the beaming sun embraced my body.

I had paid little attention to the rustle of the trees behind me, and so I was taken by surprised when I noticed I had company. As his eyes met mine, I realised that he too had not expected to find someone in such a desolate area.

He sat down beside me and watched with me the darting of the flies across the glistening lake.

I looked at him sceptically as he reached forward in attempt to catch a wandering dragon fly upon the reeds, and found myself laughing as he steadied himself from a near fall into the water.

He did not look back at me. Instead, he turned his head sharply in the other direction and then rose to walk away.

I found myself following his light footsteps in a soothing silence.

He led me out of the small woodland which surrounded the lake, down a well-trodden path, and across to a large run down barn.

Once inside, I saw to my surprise that it held little but dust and scraps of hay. I tagged along behind him as he stalked to a dark corner of the barn. I eyed the rafters above me suspiciously as though any minute they may fall heavily upon us.

Once I had reached him I crouched down beside him and gasped at the sight below the hay he had uprooted.

A family of mice sprinted desperately from beneath their hide out, scattering in all directions as he made petty attempts to catch one. I pulled him gently away, deciding his game was becoming more of a cruel past time than light hearted teasing.

We walked in our familiar silence towards the gap through which we had entered, when suddenly above us we heard the sharp crack of thunder, and outside the heavy pitter-patter of rain.

Foolishly, I poked my head through the gap, as he sat down and watched. Within moments my hair and shoulders were soaked. Sulking, I made my way over to join him on a makeshift seat of hay.

As the rain grew heavier and the claps of thunder louder we huddled closer together, shielding one another from the crisp wind which swept its way in and wrapped its chilling grip around us.

I awoke to the soft feel of him against my skin and the distant calling of a name.

“Louie!” cried a gentle voice.

Sadly, I watched as he rose and began to leave me.

I sprang up from my position against the hay and grabbed him before he could go. I held him tightly to my chest and muttered softly, “Take care, Louie.”

He made his way towards the door turning only once, his amber eyes sparkling as he opened his small mouth and with a low purr gave me his reply, “Meow.”

Meeeeeerh. This is a weird one. Some of it I like and some of it I really, really, dislike – and much for the same reason I came to dislike the excerpt of VERITY I posted. I grew out of beginning sentences in the style I sometimes use above and so reading it now irks me a little.

It’s a shame really because I remember writing this story and it is about a cat I met in France. We didn’t go on any adventures, but I suppose I wrote this to remember him by and it doesn’t do anything. It gets from A – B but nothing is really going on. I suppose it’s just a wandering story. Admittedly though, it’s only recently that I’ve been prodding myself to remember the reader. It’s too easy to just get carried away wording it up.

I know I have something written about my own cat, and I remember preferring it but I can’t find it (this is a common theme, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m making my supposed favourites up!), I just remember it was called Paddy Paws.

Anyway, next week I’ll try to remember when Friday is. So, until then,


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