Pretty Little Liars – Welcome to the Dollhouse


Oh, boy. I think we’ve all got some pretty strong feelings about this little liars episode. But first up, raise of hands from those who guessed Charles Dilaurentis. No one? Nope? Well that ain’t too surprising.

This has certainly ruffled a few feathers and been the fuel behind some hilarious memes. Personally, I didn’t have Big A pinned on anyone in particular (although I’d love it to be Lucas or Wren – “tea time”, anyone? No? Okay), but I was still more than a little put out to see that we were left with a name that holds little meaning and (other than fandom rage) generates little emotion.


That being said, I didn’t want the game to be up. So the fact that we still don’t exactly know who A is isn’t a big deal to me. I’m hoping beyond hopes that it isn’t who at the moment people believe it to be – Jason’s twin brother. Please don’t make it a random twin. If it is Jason’s twin brother, don’t let it be identical, let it be one of the guys we already know on the show, have it as their own reveal. Then again, why are we even thinking he’s Jason’s twin? Didn’t Marlene King only say we’d be seeing double and, so far, only confirm that Charles is A?

“All Spencer wants is answers, but all she keeps getting is brothers,”someone on Twitter whose name I’ve forgotten even though this really made me chuckle.

I mean sure, they look alike, but not necessarily identical. I have identical twin brothers, and the only difference when they were younger was the crowns on their heads swirled in different directions, so the boys in that video might not be identical (trust me, I know this is probably just wishful thinking on my part). They may not even be brothers. When Mrs. D says “Kiss your sister goodnight” she speaks to only one of the boys, and when the second goes to touch her, she doesn’t repeat the sentiment, she only lets him touch the baby.

Also, why the heck would you want to be the prom king when your sister is queen?

Back to Charles – Mona’s reaction. If the note Mona left was supposedly an anagram, I don’t understand why she would be surprised at Spencer’s revelation that the letter blocks (what are they called again?) spelled out Charles (I also don’t know how Mona hadn’t already worked this out). I like one fan theory that reveals the first line of Mona’s hand mirror note to actually be “Nerd Lucas is the liar”. Or summat like that.

Lastly, the keepsakes that A has are pretty unusual. Did anyone notice the jigsaw puzzle on the wall that also had two baby pictures and, I honestly think I must be seeing things here, are those geishas? Oh, and one ball for the A is related to Ali and Jason park: there’s a picture of three skeletons painted blue, red and green in the playroom, and then a picture of three sets of handprints painted the same colours in A’s vault, maybe this is linked? Although the handprints all look the same size. One final thing to note about A’s vault is I see no pictures of Alison. Oh! And geez, that tannoy voice sure does sound like Lesli.

A’s Vault

Other than the who is Charles, who is A part of the episode, I enjoyed it. I love the beginning when the van is hijacked, the girls shuffle to the back and then A opens the doors. I thought that was great! I liked the dollhouse idea and the creepy prom.

I was surprised that A didn’t catch on to what the girls were doing. This is a guy who has stalked them for years and knows every move they make, yet still allowed for a blind spot behind a ballot box where they could build the machine? And he fell for the fake argument and didn’t think to check on what Mona (yay, Mona!) was doing when she sneaked out of frame? A, you got lazy!

And finally, possibly what bugged me the most about all of this is that the girls ran. Why did you run? There were five of you and one of him, you even said this! Twice! This is the guy that has made your lives hell and rather than unmasking him once and for all, you run?! Into a maze?! When you already know there is no way out! Did every horror film ever teach you nothing?! Don’t run into the woods! Ever! Or uh, through the creepy masked guy’s dungeon/dollhouse.

Anyway, lastly, let’s remember the song:

These lyrics don’t feel like a brother-sister song. For me, either A isn’t related to Alison, or she took someone from him, and that’s who he was searching for. There are supposedly big hints about Charles in episodes 3.01, 3.24, 4.24, 5.12 and 5.13, so I’ll be re-watching those.

So, yeah. I’m seeing a lot of anger about this, and I understand the frustration. But remember, the game isn’t over until A says it is, and he’s still playing.


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