Films and Phones

Last night I woke up feeling ill and blergh. Thankfully, today I didn’t feel so ill, just blergh. Although blergh can be irritating webMD tells me that it isn’t fatal, but also that I may have schizophrenia in my toe.

Anyway, so deciding a day of being a potato was a good plan I flopped down and started off playing Assassin’s Creed, which I still think is an awesome game. I took over Whitechapel and I now have a train. Happiness achieved!

After playing for a while I decided to watch some films I’ve had on my list on Netflix for months, here was when I realized that I have a problem. No matter how interesting a film is, I will constantly pick up my phone. I don’t even know why I’m doing this because no one is messaging me. I just pick it up, Google something completely unrelated to anything, or scroll through Twitter. I then look back to my film and realize I have no idea what’s just happened.

It’s annoying and I want to stop doing this. I’m going on a watch and text strike. No more will I have to rewind twenty times just to find out who the main character is!

Because I need to write more than this to be satisfied that I am sticking to writing this blog daily I’ll also quickly talk about the films I watched.

Housebound: Good, silly and scary. Nice ending.

Ask Me Anything: Better than I expected. Good ending.

Stonehearst Asylum: I don’t know. I had just started it when I remembered I was supposed to be drivelling on here.


Anyway, until next time!


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