Actors I would stalk until they agreed to a role in my book turn film

Over on Litopia a thread was started asking fellow Litopians which actors they would want to play the roles of their book characters, should the book ever get the green light to become a film. Now, keep in mind we’re pretending there is no budget, no problems with this.

Although there were two characters that I’d already had in mind, the majority I just hadn’t really thought about. As I said over on the forum, I realised from doing this that I know next to nothing about actors, and so I had to spend some time searching through lists on IMDB! As such, this is a pretty A list, uh, list. Anyway, let’s stop writing and let’s start wishful thinking!

Sophie aka Death’s daughter


Robin (he just needs dark blue eyes)


Caleb (with dyed blonde hair, because Caleb bleaches his in the first book)


Mystery mysterious character


My wife Lena




Sitrac (just needs that long hair)


Farroh (but sallow looking)




There are more, but I haven’t yet had chance to find them. When I do, I’ll most likely add them to this post rather than create a new one. One thing that has been a real pain is trying to think of voice actors for my loveable ghattans Gykruk and Tybuld.

Well, this was fun! I’ll most likely do another for Queens Never Die (my NaNoWriMo book, not related to the KDD series). I find it pretty helpful and a good exercise to try and see your characters in real people. I looked through hundreds of people to find these guys and when I saw them (especially with Sophie, Caleb, Robin and Death) I really saw them. Lena and mysterious mystery character are the two that I’ve had in mind for months.

Until next post of one day, one daaaaay,


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