Thoughts on Toast

Note: No idea how to get the pictures to be in scale with the text. I’m trying!

I should really have a lot to write about. I spent three months in Hawaii visiting my fiance (we got engaged whilst I was there), but unfortunately old habits die hard and I spent a lot of my time indoors. That was rather embarrassing when I was being asked for beach pictures. Hey, though, I made it over there which for me was HUGE, and I did go to some beaches! I’ll have to get the picture of Jerk, our resident reptile, off my fiance.


Moving from the past to the present for a moment, I’d like to introduce you to the little girl who will hopefully be a new addition to my creature family: Pandora. Panda is a furret.

GBA--Pokemon Ruby_Jan24 15_25_42

Sorry… I blame my pajamas, and the fact furret is a fun word to say. Furret.



Pandora the ferret, not furret, is an absolute dream. Unfortunately the little girl I brought her home to be friends with, Seb, isn’t wanting to play. I’ll write a separate post on what is happening with those pair. Here is Panda investigating a shoe. Please don’t comment on the size of my feet, I’m very sensitive about this.


She’s such a curious little girl and loves human company. She’s from a rescue that I know really care for their ferrets but I also think it means the household that had to give her up must have spent a lot of time with her too. Here she is greeting me after I come back from being away the whole of two minutes.


And here is Seb, my little sweetheart who I think I have babied far too much given her reactions to Pandora so far. In short, she’s a wuss. Despite having lived with another ferret for four years (until Kimble had to be put to sleep last September) she is terrified of Pandora and just wants it to be Serb and Merm.


And lastly, because I can’t bring myself to leave Kimble out, here she is.

Now before this quickly turns into a ferret blog, back to what I was talking about…

Other than trying to get some personal blog posts up I’m also going to be posting more writing. Even if it’s flash fiction or short stories I’ll be using writing prompts to get back into the habit of writing and start to practice again. I have a lot to learn and I’m not going to be doing that by sitting on my ass staring at a screen waiting for an idea. Ideas, come hither, I doth summon thee. No. Idea, I’m doing this with or without you. Yeah, that’s right, how’d you like that.

I’m also going to be posting up some first chapters and the like so that people can see the style I write in. So, if you follow me, I’m sorry if you get a bit bogged down for a few days. It shouldn’t be too much. After that I’ll be sticking to Fridays while I have the material, I’ll be adding a new weekly post also but that will be a short one, and then anything I get written under prompts. and a personal blog post on Saturday (maybe not every Saturday but at least some – sorry, I suck at commitment).

As for toast, I haven’t eaten any in some time. I really want it to be autumn so I can bundle up in a dressing gown, sit in front of a fire in the morning, and munch on a slice of warm toast with a cup of hot tea cooling beside me. Aaah, who needs sun. Give me the pouring rain outdoors and snugglyness indoors and it’s a job done.

Speaking of sun…

Somewhere in Hawaii when we got lost

and my reaction to it… booo hissssss spittt *melts*




9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Toast”

  1. Oh my, thank you very much for such a warm welcome! George has been a gentleman so far, it didn’t even bother me when he drooled all over my afternoon tea. Nice fellow, and I must say nice house too. Very peculiar, very lovely. You wouldn’t mind if this weary traveler extended her stay, would you? Yeah, I know, I know. And the view from my room is a wonderful thing.
    But really, I loved your blog!! I will expect more things from you and I am very interested in your writings! Also, next year I will be getting or a ferret or a bunny, I am still not sure but after seeing your little sweethearts it made me more TeamFerrets!
    And I hope you are feeling ok this week

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why hellloooo dear! *please hear as Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire- cream on face and all* Thanks for such an entertaining comment to read! At first I was half asleep and wondered who George was and if I was reading the oddest spam comment yet (I actually love spam comments!) but then when my brain woke up and I realized what I was reading I was thrilled! 😀 Ferrets are amazing. If you have the time to give them love and affection you’ll get it returned threefold! I have bunnies too, one of them is loving and the other is a mardy little bugger! I’ll be sure to post more about my ferrets so hopefully you’ll catch that! I’ll put George’s muzzle on in the afternoons since you’re sticking around. Keep those nibblers and some of that drool at bay!

      Thank you for the follow and comments. And thank you for the well wishes, very kind of you! 😻

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hahahaha, it would be an amazing spam comment (is it strange that I’m considering using it in a dark future?)
        And I will love to read more about your ferrets! I have a long journey before choosing so knowing more about all their cuteness might help.

        And oh, no, don’t worry too much. I believe George’s drool might have made the tea a little more…interesting. I would even say exotic.

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  2. Cute little critters, and that’s a big red slipper you have, obviously belongs to your imaginary protective resident Shrek. and thankyou for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading my humble writings, and I’m from Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ivors! I have definitely been enjoying your writing so far! You nailed it with the slipper, now if I could only get him and his swamp donkey to leave. They’re cramping my style, you know?! I’ll be sure to pass on your comment to my ferrets- vain little nibblers will be most pleased!

      Liked by 2 people

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