Before Sunday Ends

I’m here. I’m doing this. Look at that, Sunday, just like… damnit! I said Saturday, didn’t I? Oh well. Done on purpose, I swear! From now on, it will be Sundays I post blogs. It makes sense, right? It’s the end of the week, or uh, the start. What do you think? Do you feel Sunday is the end or the beginning of the week?

Well, loves, I’ve had an eventful (not really) week of attempting to get mit for my end of year assignment, ferret bonding is underway (alongside poorly ferret vet time), I finally got round to playing Heavy Rain, I got lost in time and space reading affirming quotes, and I watched a neat TED video.

I’ll start with ferret rambles since ferrets always come first. The little blighters are doing pretty well with each other, although in the photo below I like to think Seb is looking at me and asking “Merm, do you realize it’s still here and it’s stealing my spot?” I’m taking it as slow and steady with them as I can, but that’s as much to do with them being unwell as anything else. Unfortunately, as if meeting each other wasn’t enough, the furzers have had poorly bums. We took a trip to the vet though and they are now on antiobiotics and everything seems to be clearing up quickly. I’m hoping that Pandora was just in the thick of it with everything that was going on (new home, poorly, etc) and might be a little less nip happy and more dook friendly with Seb once better. It was quite adorable really, when I brought them home from the vet and I was carrying them side by side to their cages Panda looked over at Seb and gave a quiet little “og og oog”. I took it to mean, “I feel ya, man.”


I’m adding in an additional picture for the sake of seeing the creepy things you can find staring back at you when you have ferrets. Seb has a bag of what must be about 50 squeaky toys and she spends a lot of her day stashing them in places. This is who I found looking back at me one afternoon. Not weird at all, Seb. Not weird at all.

Look at those empty, broken eyes. I imagine he’s saying “Save me…” or, “I will get you in your sleep.” uh, gonna be storing that one in the cellar from now on.


I mentioned that I finally got round to playing Heavy Rain. I say finally because it’s been out for years and I’ve lusted after playing it for years. It was well worth the wait. You see, I didn’t have a PS3, but my brother did. I bought it to play on his but never got the chance to do that. Recently, however, my boyfriend bought me a PS4. Despite how these pictures might look, I was stoked. I’m looking at my partner over Skype, I’m not that picture-photo-inept. The game he bought me to go with it is Until Dawn, a game I said I’d always wanted to play but never been able to. It’s one of the reasons he got me the console.



It’s shiny and it’s my friend and I love it and I need a name for it.


Honestly, I loved Heavy Rain and I was shattered and blown away by the ending. It also got me thinking about ways I can improve the story I’m working on for my final, too. I’m not gonna reveal anything because there may be some late comers out there (like I was) who still want to play the game. It was a blast, although, I must admit there were times I thought about throwing the controller out the window with all the quick time events. I couldn’t do smooth detective or FBI moves to save my life (kept writing shave my life there for some reason) and every bottle grabbed or motorbike swerve attempted was ruined by my clumsy club thumbs. I have a real thing for consequence based games and games that are reliant upon story though and so it made me persist through the terrible terribleness at my attempts to use the PS4 controller.  I actually wasn’t aware that my choices resulted in who would live and who would die and so that came as a rather pleasant (and unpleasant) surprise at the end and when looking at achievements. I am definitely too much of a softy though and wish I’d killed a certain sumone sumone when I had the chance. I didn’t take any screenshots of the game with the console (I don’t know how – PS4 players please halp) but had to go back to take a photo of this incident. It’s the FBI agent’s face when he turns around. I sent the image to my brothers in our whatsapp group with the same caption. I couldn’t stop laughing.


“I beg your pardon kind sir”


Ah, what a great time I had with that game. And then I started to play Order Up! and wondered where my life was going.

As for where my life is going (let’s pretend that’s a really sweet link) I was sent a great TED talk by my buddy Jules. If there’s a reoccuring trend I seem to see in writers (and by god is it usually the talented ones) it’s fear and it’s doubt. We talk about it pretty often and this video (I don’t remember how to get it to fit in the text…) is a good one to watch if you are looking at working on the skill of confidence.

Finally, I’ll leave you with a quote I adore:

“Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.”

― Oscar Wilde – robbed by me from Goodreads

14 thoughts on “Before Sunday Ends”

  1. I love both Heavy Rain and Until Dawn! After them I found that I really like these games where your actions decide who will live and die *dark music*. For my luck, I played both with a group of friends and they are much better at the quick events than me (I’m hopeless). We still suffered the loss of too many characters on Until Dawn and I still can hear their sad screams in my dreams. But it was so much fun anyway.

    And your ferrets are gaining over my heart ugh -no steal-no-the-ferrets. Hope Pandore is all better now.

    I wish you a good week (and good gaming hoho)


    1. Oh man! I won’t be playing until dawn for another month at least but now i imagine I’ll be terrified of letting anyone die. They will die though. It’s the fate of all controlled by butter fingers!
      I agree those types of games are awesome! Any story based interactive consequence game is one I’ll have a blast at. Life is Strange still reigns king for me and oh shi I just realized the date. I think before the storm is out today! Did you play LoS?
      Pandora and Seb both seem a load better this morning! Thank you! ❤

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  2. I LOVED Heavy Rain so much! I played it just after I played Beyond: Two Souls (done by the same people I think) but I haven’t played anything in ages because I lived with a shitty housemate who always hogged the lounge room…but I digress. Until Dawn I’ve heard good things about, hopefully I get around to playing it myself! P.S, now I want a ferret.


    1. Oh sweet! That’s what I’m looking at playing next! Well it was a toss up between the last of us and beyond two souls but ps now showed me beyond two souls first. I’m a simple minded person, I like it when robots make decisions for me. I hope you are no longer with said shitty housemate but if so get a pet ferret and have it guard the door to the lounge. They’re bloody softies but a lot of people don’t really know that. Add a beware the ferret sign for an extra punch! Or just punch them. “No! My game time!” Hope you get to play until dawn soon! 😻❤

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  3. Oh man your ferrets are so adorable! I’d be able to watch them dook and play for hours! Please post more pictures and maybe some videos of them playing :). Your boyfriend must be pretty awesome to buy you a PS4 and the game you always wanted! Definitely a keeper.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh you!! 😂mm hmm I’m sure you’re saying that without any motive at all, eh?! You know the truth about the girls and what is really behind those sweet little eyes! I keep sending the smoke signals, why haven’t you rescued me yet? Pandora is feeding me on rations and seb has me making squeaky toys all day and night! 😫😜


    1. I’m so late replying to this but thank you so much! I adore your blog and posts so I’m kicking myself for only just seeing and replying to this. Actually I’m kicking wordpress because it’s notifications don’t ever like to work for me! x

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