Sympathy for you,

                                           is that for the devil.

Hidden beyond the river,  in the mouth of a god.

a tireless melody

once irresistible,

now tuneless,

rehearsed without song.

Echo forth, in search,

it finds me.

Kneeled down, wounds concealed

in mud that clings


Magicians step, between natures gold,

amber, red,

tears of the forest,

soundless above the fall of the Earth.

In casted shade, broken shadow of dusk,

my senses tricked

I pause.


forever tempted, by ancient dance.

Cupped salvation,

secret of ageless alchemist,

                                                               antidote to deceivers curse,

Holy water

flows over lovers palms, through marked destiny,

branded by sun, obeyed by moonlight,

 lifted upwards,

before a silhouette.

My sympathy,


I offer to you.




Hello everyone!

I finally motivated myself to take part in a word prompt, just uh, a little late (this is from Tuesday). The prompt “sympathy” is from the blog The Daily Post. Is this a blog? Or wordpress witchcraftery? Not sure! I’m following it either way.

I might write another post deconstructing the poem and talking about how each part is relevant. However, poetry is supposed to be whatever is made of it by the reader, and with that in mind, I might not. The only reason I guess I’d do it would be from a writer to writer perspective. The workings out like in maths, so to speak.

The cards in the picture are from the incredibly (and I mean incredibly) beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot Deck.

I hope you enjoyed this.

As always, thank you for reading!

Arbie x


18 thoughts on “Sympathy”

  1. AWesome! I really loved your use of letters in that particular order. What made you choose those more mainstream letters instead of some of the less-often used ones like X and Q? I’m just curious. It takes nothing away from your amazing response to that prompt. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well my mama always told me to mind my ps and qs but I’m a rebel so only half listened and I discriminate against the letter X because it is against me in scrabble! It started it! 🙁


      1. That letter deserves what’s coming to Within. You show that letter who’s boss. Don’t let any letters push you around. You’re in control here.😁

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Your most welcome, if you are looking for prompts I do a monthly prompt on twitter called #Soulwords where I give words that you can use in your poetry. 🙂 the handle is @Soulsoulwords my regular twitter account is @follownehamba…I would love to connect with you there if you are on it!


    1. It is a bit of a weird one! For me I’ve packed a lot in that means something, but for anyone else it looks a bit like a hot mess haha. It is what it is! Thank you though! ❤ Arbus feels proud! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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