Today I’m doing this thing where I love who I am

because the other side of the coin is hating that same self

that wouldn’t pay to become something

“nice to look at when you come home”


You see I’m sick of writing poems about how you broke me

So here’s me showing you how I put myself back together


I took the same mirror I’ve been looking into

watching my self-esteem drown

said Bloody Mary three times

and stared into the eyes of a woman I’ve been taught to fear


Her eyes were dark blue

and when she looked back at me

I felt something ignite


I smashed the glass for a chance at seven years bad luck

so that when fate might arrive at my door

my lips would turn up

as she asks, “Have you been waiting for me?”

I’d laugh, say yes, and lay down the conditions of a new contract


One where how I look is gold

meaning it’s worthless

meaning in the end it equates to nothing

but one thing

that my eyes will be that of a childhood ghost

staring back at any man that sees me as prey


My body is fire

the tears I cried weren’t enough to put me out

The shame you made me feel just for existing in this form

wasn’t enough to turn me to ash


When I dance I move like the flames that entranced you on a dark night

and I am the light that beckoned you forward

My heart still burns with the same heat

despite the cold you let in when I opened the door

and bade you enter


This is not the story of me rising

like the phoenix

on a new day

This is the tale

of a woman

that never let herself die



Hey everyone!

I’m using the word chance as a word prompt today. It’s one that I gave a friend to try and then we thought it would be fun for me to try too! This is what I came up with and I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading!


44 thoughts on “Chance”

    1. Haha, and I love your comments! Bad, Clever, thieving Clever! Ahaha! Same goes though, having the word spicy come from you is just as awesome because you’re one hell of a lady! ❤

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  1. Well, everybody’s comments have the best words! I snooze I lose. I had to seek help from a thesaurus… ” a viciously potent declaration of acceptance of self worth, self love, self respect, and confidence in who you are; demanding to be accepted as is or all future suitors can see themselves to the door! You have not been broken nor will you!” An absolutely brilliant post!! You go girl!!

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    1. Haha, we’ve got word thieving abroad and all sorts going on in here tonight! Sums up the group of bandits we are!! Thank you so much, Grabbety! I don’t and won’t always feel like it shows in this poem but I was enjoying my moment with it and I always do whenever it comes no matter how fleeting. Only need a raindrop to start a flood and all that! *hugs* ❤

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  2. Stunning and victorious. Vulnerable and rock solid. Full of past surrender but steadfast in the promise of future strength.

    I don’t need anyone else’s words because mine f***ing kill!
    Loving and hugging you because of this ❤

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    1. If I ever put together some kind of anthology I need you to write the foreword because I freaking love that description! You always kill it! 😘 Thank you, Maria!! 💖


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