21 thoughts on “7 Days, 7 Photos Challenge – Day Two”

    1. Heeeyyy nowww who’s to say there’s someone in those welly boots eh eeeehhhh or wait are welly boots people too? Oh god I’ve offended someone haven’t I. Gonna wake up to a welly boot giving me the evil eye!

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      1. Oh. That’s true! I stand corrected. But not in welly boots. 😉
        Side note: Your mannerisms and words and you in general, all just make me smile and feel good so much!


  1. Haha, cheeky Arbie, you knew I’d be plenty old enough to have old black and white photos, taken by the family Kodak Brownie Box !! you wait there while I dig up a pic’, out the old album…….

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      1. I love this!!!! I admit I’m a cheeky sod but never about a gentleman’s age! Cross my heart and cherry pie! But not gonna complain, got to see an awesome picture! 😄😄 I absolutely love digging through photo boxes so this was a right treat! 💖💖

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  2. This photo makes me want to gather all those leaves and jump in the pile. However I’ll probably end up hurting myself and making you take me to the doctor and care for me while I lie in bed saying “feeeeed meeeee! aaam pooorlllly!” Hmm that’s not a bad idea…


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