7 thoughts on “7 Days, 7 Photos Challenge – Day Three”

  1. Your pictures are much better than mine! You’re either staging them artistically and purposefully, or you have incredible things around you. 🙂
    I just use my phone and take pictures of what I see, randomly, on walks or in passing. I’m boring, I guess. 😦
    *pretends to pout*

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    1. Haha, I use my phone too so I’m pouting back but also need to do a bit of this 😋 Absolutely staged Pandora though and with this, even though I keep my old books there like that, I took about twenty or more pictures of the same shot haha. And anyway I would argue yours are better! They capture something more in the moment than staged. Look at me trying to photographer talk haha! 💖

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      1. LOL No, I’ll be honest… aside from the ghost thing, which is new, most things I’ve taken pictures of before in color, and I pass by them or encounter them many times a week. The only thing I “staged” was the angle I took the shots, lol, just like you!
        We’re giving away all the secrets, lol…. shhhhhh!


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