Have you tried hot blackcurrant juice?

(it’s really good)

Hey everyone!

Gosh, I’m writing this late on that day of this month.

I’m starting to wonder why I write these, or at least why I began them – no, I know why I did that, to try and get some order involved with my writing, a routine and all that. Honestly, it’s a struggle keeping up with them when I don’t have much to talk about. Then again, I always think or write that and continue to ramble for two more pages.

They say we should kill our darlings, but who do you kill when it’s autobiographic or a blog? Do you just hack off paragraphs and sentences to limit the word count or to get rid of what a reader won’t be interested in? How do we decide that though? What interests Bob might not interest Sally, and vice versa ergo etc. I just wanted to write ergo.

What are you all interested in?

I’m guessing you all like writing or photography or both, and cooking. Thanks, by the way, Ward, for making me hungry every time you post. It was hard enough scrolling through the other blogs and now you’re doing it too! I’d get in on this food posting but I honestly can’t cook good food. I’ve tried to on a number of occasions but hey ho it’s a life of pot noodles for me!


But what else interests you? Victorian post mortem photography? Local urban legends? Ghost shows where the ghosts always seem to scratch people? Liquorice?

I’ve been trying to think about what I like lately, actually like. I know a while ago I thought about this and my conclusion was that I like outdoor taps. I don’t know what it is about them and I’m not sure if I’ve already written this because I tend to think about something, think I might mention that, and then forget. Anyway, outdoor taps are just really cool, okay? Maybe it’s because they remind me of the beach where you’d find them to wash all the sand off from your feet. Maybe it’s just to twinkle of their nozzle! Is it called a nozzle? That thing, oh wait, ha, it’s called a tap isn’t it!

I wonder if that says more about me than the usual list. Hi, I like books (I think, although I don’t read as often as I should), video games (I haven’t completed anything in a long time), writing (I hate writing), music (I only know a few musicians and songs and I listen to them on repeat), and animals (what? I really do like animals). I guess I just don’t know what I really like anymore. I know depression can strip you from yourself like some weird version of Pyramid Head, so maybe it’s just that.

I did find one of my favourite t-shirts the other day, which probably started the above thought process.

I’m glad there isn’t a torturer around with all this tongue sticking out…or is there? *glances around suspiciously*

Oh, I really, really like Alien. Xenomorphs are incredible. I mean I think I like the Alien films, it’s been ages.

The above photos were last year and I’m still alive so I think xenos are just misunderstood.

What if I don’t like them anymore? Why do our tastes just change like that? Is it a mix of everything, society, culture, what we’re being told is cool and we should like right now. Should we use the word cool? Is that okay? Am I a social outcast for using an outdated word? Screw it, it’s bodacious baby! No idea what that word means. What? At least I’m honest! Sometimes.

I don’t know where I’m going with this. So far I’ve decided I want to write a post on routines, a post on writing for an audience and a post on witchcraft. The latter made sense earlier I swear but now it’s been shuffled to the side by the other things.

I think I’m distracted. Or, I’m distracting myself. I said in my last black and white photo I’d explain why I was late posting and I think in a round-about way all that faff up there was me trying to get to it. I’ve written and deleted something four times now (it wasn’t really four, but you know how I feel about that number and I need luck).

I posted a while ago about my little ferret Seb, and how she was sick and then I got the all clear. Yesterday she collapsed, a number of times. I took her to an emergency vet and he suspects a heart condition. I feel like I’m on an emotional rollercoaster. I’m irritated I was given the all clear, angry I don’t feel like I was taken seriously by the first vet, but most prevalent is the feeling of not being able to do anything.

I need to keep her rested and quiet, she was given an injection that lasts 48 hours and then it’s back to the vet in the morning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good surgery, I’m just frustrated. And scared, really, really, scared.

Seb with her favourite toy ❤

I’m sure there are many of you who understand the bond you develop with a pet. I know I had well wishes from you when I first mentioned Seb was sick. So I’m sure you’ll understand how difficult it is to be in this situation. Maybe one day I’ll explain why Seb is so important to me, I’m sure I will. For myself and for her, and for Kimble who I lost last year, if for anything. I’ve got to say (and this is not aimed at anyone here, but after seeing something posted on Instagram – not to me) I really don’t give a toss what someone thinks of me for being so upset about Seb being unwell. To me, she will never be just a ferret. She’s Seb. She’s my little hoarder of all things squeaky; my terror-tot thief of empty plastic bottles that I find stashed under couches, drawers, my bed; she’s the dook happy critter that ran wild around the house on her own, with Kimble, with me, springing up and down and leaping at my feet. She and Kimble were also the only things that kept me going for a long time.

I’m sure I’ve posted this before, but sod it, I love this photo

I wasn’t intending to write all that just then. It felt necessary though. My ferrets are my darlings and they will live on and on in my life’s story. They’ll also live on in my fiction – you’re yet to meet the fanganhoardens.

I should cut this short here. For one I’m getting emotional when I don’t have a definitive answer, and two, Seb wants my attention.

I’m going to get back to posting prompts next week and honestly, I might start writing more posts like this but on thoughts when I have them. I often think of something I want to post but then “oh, it’s not Sunday” I don’t know why I got it in my head that it mattered!

Anyway, shush times, so, as always, I hope you’re all well!

Bye bye for now and dook dook from Seb!

P.S …

Pandora doing what Pandora does best!

P.P.S … never mind, forgot what I was going to say.

24 thoughts on “Have you tried hot blackcurrant juice?”

  1. I, write about What interests me and share with all of you. That way I hope it at least it interests someone. Or endears me to someone. Other than my Dear Friend and Father-in-law Orvillewrong – Malcolm Marsh Author.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I think I just need to remind myself that I started this for a reason and to continue that way. But I like you all so I don’t want to be too boring! 😂 and thank you! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh Arbus, what an entertaining write up. I generally don’t have the patience to read long posts, always rushing cooking, writing or taking photographs hehe … but I loved this! Seb has stolen my heart -I’m pet free these days (generally have owned small cute dogs since my 20s) which is a regret. With our furry pals we generally tend to suffer most when they are ill and can’t tell us exactly how they feel. As for generalizations I would say that pet owners are my favourite folks. Yeah!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot to me! I’m always aware these longer posts might not interested too many readers especially if they follow a lot of other blogs they like to read – only so many hours in the day! So thank you! And aha, I was just saying that she’s a heart stealer! I’ve never had a dog but I’ve always wanted one! 💖


  3. Never tried it but I’m sure I will soon! How soon? I don’t know, maybe a little over a week? What do I like? Huhu, such a silly question. Paperclips! Aren’t they just the neatest thing ever?! One day I plan to have a BIG bowl of Paperclips on a pillar like pedestal. Being able to just dig your hand into the bowl and grab a huge clump of clips and then slowly drizzle them out of your hands and back into the bowl. Oh and don’t get me started on the paperclip showers! I’ve always loved those photos of you and the xeno. A lovely mix of cute and beautiful. I never noticed before but in the picture with the spider, seb’s tail is literally as big as her body. I desperately hope she gets better soon. I want to be able to run around the house as she chases me again. Oh and I almost forgot, your cooking isn’t THAT bad. Your egg and soldiers were tasty! oh oh oh and that casserole thing that’s not actually a casserole but I call it a casserole anyway is super yummy!


  4. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!


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