Keep talkin’, whooaoaaaa, keep talkin’!

I didn’t think it would be appreciated if I’d titled this post “a real pussy wagon” but I can’t stop laughing about the idea of it.

Happy Sunday everyone!

We made it! We beat out all the others who tried to fight off the zombie apocalypse. We left them behind and stole their tins! Yay! Soup for everyone! Except you. Yeah, the one judging tinned soup. We can’t all make amazing soup from scratch, okay? Sometimes things burn. Sometimes they end up on ceilings. That’s life.

I’ll admit it took me a lot to get to this point of fingers on keys and typing. I had a bit of a moment. I made a huge mistake and before beginning this blog post I thought it would be safe to look up Greased Lightning… yes, I know there are some of you who right now are shaking your heads and muttering “You fool, child” beneath your breath. The Grease soundtrack is like the pringles of the musical world… but, oh (please imagine that oh as the “oh…” from Summer Lovin’ that John Travolta is famous for) I’m already readying myself to start listening to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

My boyfriend wasn’t quite as thrilled about all this music as I was. We’d sat down, he to play Final Fantasy and me to write, and well… things happened on YouTube. But look, just listen, it’s not my fault that game is made up of multiple cut scenes! And that’s what the pause button is for, right? To pause the game every few seconds! I tried to make it up to him by telling him I had written Hopelessly Devoted for him and singing it to him, that didn’t work, so I switched to My Heart Will Go On, that didn’t work either (I know right? I even told him I wrote it while on a boat) my final attempt was Your Song but when that didn’t work either I thought fuck it and blasted Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush. I sang it like a champ, arm movements and all. He’s already packed his bags but it’s okay because Heathcliff, better open up yer window, baby, because I’m comin’ home!

I think my teenage crush on Heathcliff explains my taste in men.

So does my crush on this guy:

I really need to stop listening to that song because I don’t think all the wriggling and couch strutting is appreciated. It’s doable! You just sit and shimmy a little, put one hand on your hip but lean forward and bam bam bam, that’s it! Jiggle what Dr Frank n Furter gave ya! I realise this blog post will mean very little to only a few people, and that’s okay. I’m sorry.

I’m actually too busy dancing to be sorry. And I actually do think that The Rocky Horror Picture show is brilliantly written.

So is The Good Place! See what I tried to do there? It’s hard to write links when listening to Magic Dance from Labyrinth! We finished watching season one this weekend and it had such a great twist. It had us looking back on everything that had happened and thinking oh yeah! I love anything like that because I really like to be outsmarted. I mean it’s not hard in the smarts department but in the things I’ve seen before and so connect the dots department it’s a little trickier. I’d like to be able to write something clever, something that hits people with that feeling of satisfaction at the end like the first season of The Good Place did for me. Of course other things have too, Stonehearst Asylum rings a bell, but The Good Place is what’s on my mind right now.

It’s what I want to do with Jack. Thank you to those who have read the first chapter by the way! I’m sure you’ve already guessed that it’s a book centred around the mysterious Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper, and as such you’ll know he’s a tough cookie to write something new about. It’s all been done before pretty much. I’m not going to let that deter me though. I do want to try and be clever with it, but I also want to focus on what I would like to see in a Jack the Ripper book along with my usual style of writing and characters that crop up. I know the basics of where I want to go with the story but I think in a murder mystery plotting is very important and it’s something I am dire at. I’m better than I was when I wrote my first novel but I don’t think I’ll ever be the person to sit down with a beautifully constructed timeline. In the end, my way can make everything take twice as long as it needed, all that going back and fixing things, but it’s how I’ve developed as a writer unfortunately. I will keep changing and learning though, I’m sure!


I took this photo a few days ago while fooling around with make up and that wig (which I’ve since locked away from myself like some occult object) and hilariously I unknowingly made myself look like Frank n Furter’s sister. I’m down with it!

Speaking of video games all the way back up there, I’ve started to play Pokemon Go again (yellow team represent!) and it’s been great. Not just for the novelty of catching all the pokemon and leaving Ash Ketchum behind like a chump, but getting out and walking at night has been really good for me. I don’t really like walking for the hell of it during the day, not in busy places especially. I’m much more of a night walker but it isn’t the safest thing to do alone as late as I like to, so having my boyfriend around as a pokemon hunting buddy has served for some much needed nightly fresh air. He also got to see his first two badgers, real badgers this is.

We were about to head down a road but heard what sounded like a dog whimpering and decided to check in case something was hurt. There was no dog and the sound stopped soon after we started down the steps to a more wooded area where just ahead of us we saw two badgers snuffling around in the dirt. Unfortunately we disturbed them, but they didn’t run far so I’m sure they went back to their spots once we had walked further enough away.

Badgers are so neat. So are foxes. No idea where the hedgehogs have all got to. Some hedgehog party we weren’t invited to as honorary guests, I bet. Jerks.

Let’s wrap this up with the weekly ferret update.

Seb has been up and down a bit this week but thankfully will be seeing the specialist next week. He seems very enthusiastic so I’m looking forward to the meeting and hoping that we might be able to get to the bottom of what is wrong with her.


Seb dreaming of being a DJ. Look at that little paw!

As for Pandora, who I now mostly refer to as Pandooks, she’s as spoiled and lazy as ever.


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and that you’re ready for the week ahead of you!

Take the rest of your Sunday easy! Eat something tasty! That’s it… oh yeah that’s the good stuff. Mmmmm. What was it?

 *grumbles* I want to be  T Bird…

still laughing


38 thoughts on “Keep talkin’, whooaoaaaa, keep talkin’!”

  1. What a rollicking good post dear A! With ferret chest rubs and the sexiest Tranny in cinematic history! (I’m trying to remove my mental image of Tim in the movie IT though… 😑)
    Then when things couldn’t possibly get better…. you mentioned Kate Bush!!! She is my favourite spinning on the spot, eyes closed midnight indulgence…)
    I know not how you know all these gems from the past, but you have impeccable taste 🤗❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha thank you! And isn’t he just! I’m guessing he explains the obsession I had with Marilyn Manson after seeing him in disposable teens and the fight song! Haha I’m glad I’m not alone in my nightly spinning! 💚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Arbie, I eventually read all of your article, watched all of the video music clips, and more, looked at all of your pictures, of yourself and your furry friends, and all of a sudden it’s, Monday bloody Monday….. and I’mm faalliiiiinnnng aasslleeeeepp,,,,. so I had to play some wake-up music, hope you enjoy this great Aussie group, and I love the film clip, satirically hilarious !!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awh Ivor I’m always so grateful you stick around to read these monstrous posts! Haha! And it became Monday huh? Looks like someone did the time warp!! 💛


  3. Oh my!
    I saw RHS once, back in the day.
    I was so amazed by it and Tim Curry, that after that, I used to go regularly the Paloma Theatre for the midnight show and was probably the only non-stoned person there.
    We would get up and dance to, “Let’s do the Time Warp Again.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I love it!! That sounds like such a blast. 😄 I’ve been to the live show a couple of times and it really was a great experience! Tim Curry is a fantastic actor! 😍💜


  4. Most entertaining post I’ve read on WordPress in ages. Your mind is so similar time mine lol – ideas and distractions tumbling over each other 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I like literally everything you just mentioned, including the video games. You just kept saying things I like, over and over, in your adorable and funny way, and then posted another picture of your very attractive self to go along with your wonderful wit and charm. I would LOVE to hang out with you for a day! I think it would be a blast! I would ask you what we’re going to do, and you would have no idea and nothing planned, yet it would still be fantastic and I would have a great time. I’m sure of it. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, awwwhhh. I like it so much when we match like that! I’m glad you liked all the things! I’m super confused though. I thought I replied to this, the star was even gold! But there was no comment…someone stole it, Ward. They’re on to us! At the moment I’d be a nightmare to hang out with, I just moan about being cold and shuffle about like a penguin!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Heeyyyy!! I’m not sure you have, I don’t think there were that many in November to be honest! Although if your WP reader is anything like mine it’s a master of hiding posts you want to read haha! xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Seb has been having a good week this week so I’m happy! I think I need to play Magic Dance to her, you know, I bet that would put her in a great mood! 😛 x


    1. Oooo, you’ll get anywhere with me with those kinds of words! Ward is a great one, ain’t he! I’ll be stopping by soon. You’ll see me in the bushes with the binoculars wondering where I am and why because all I needed was my phone and WordPress reader. It’s hard being a stalker these days, everything is online. What happened to being old fashioned and a good ol’ thermos?

      Thanks, Laina!

      Liked by 1 person

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