13 thoughts on “Arbie Krae the nearly almost but not quite (ah ha!) delinquent”

    1. Aah that made me smile all happy and wuhuu! It is! Serendipity! I like that word! I’ll be coming by your blog soon to see your updates and I’m excited about iiiitttt! I do hope you’ve been doing well. ❤

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      1. Oh my gosh/god/eff… hearing from/reading you is…comfort in my little heart. Yes come by whenever. I’m the literal definition of sporadic these days so any familiar love will be received with adoration


  1. Congratulations! I feel your formatting pain. When I published on Amazon, I grew a bookshelf of marked up proofs. That doesn’t include the books I sent out to my friends to kindly mark up. The Kindle version also drove me nuts. Cute cats, by the way.

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    1. Thank you! I feel like it’s already driving me nuts and we’re hardly even acquainted yet! It’s like some unforgiving master and nothing I do is right! I’m glad the pain is shared. Lordy, if I end up having to reformat this book as often as I had to take out the word had during edits I’m screwed! :’) And thank you, they’re lovely!

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