Book Release – Kidnapping Death’s Daughter


Ever since Robin’s brother died, every morning has risen with a new question, all of them echoing the grandest and most desperate: Why?
Until the day after Peter’s funeral, when a librarian with an odd sense of humour, and an even odder creature for a pet, reaches out to Robin and whispers an irresistible opportunity: “Death has a daughter, steal her.”
The questions have changed. Could this be a bargaining tool against Death? What will he say when Peter is returned to him?

How do you kidnap Death’s daughter…

His cousin Caleb is intrigued and eager to join his adventure, and if the next morning rises with too many questions, now, at least, they have a clue to find the answers.
They leave for an ancient city by dusk.

In York, cathedral spires claw at the moon, gargoyles peer down on cobbled streets from wooden beams, and the creatures of Yr Oerfa feel their skin prickle as they sense the change war brings. Amongst them, hunted by beings more dangerous than two mortal boys, Death’s daughter is writing her own story, and it, too, begins with loss.

Kidnap her? First they need to find her.


Kidnapping Death’s Daughter is a multiple point-of-view young adult urban fantasy set in-between worlds, but predominantly York, England. It deals with darker themes but with a light sense of humour and a snarky ghattan should things go awry which, when you’re the daughter of Death, they often do. 



Hello everyone!

Here is me officially stating the book is released (and hoping that by crossing all my fingers it won’t go terribly wrong!) and up for sale on Amazon for $4.99. If you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited or you have access to the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library you can read it for free! I got this incorrect originally, so if there are any issues with this then please email me here:

I am so thrilled with the cover and really hope you all like it too! It is by Maria Sokoloff and you can see more of her work over at

If you do read my book, then thank you! I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

By the way, I am also now on Goodreads! Let’s be friends!




36 thoughts on “Book Release – Kidnapping Death’s Daughter”

  1. Arbie!!!! Oh my effing eff!
    I can’t properly express how happy I am for you, how swiftly I’ll be purchasing and how fuzzy I feel that we met, what seems like a lifetime ago and now… you’re published…I mean.. it’s beautiful and from this Ravenclaw to you , you cheeky Slytherin, I love you, your heart, your talent and your patience that in my dark days, although you may not know, you were a little shining light, holding a cup of PG, a slice of Victoria Sponge and a spirit unlike any other.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Awwwh! No pressure but if you do get it I really really hope you enjoy it! It really does feel like so long ago but it wasn’t even a year! A lot seems to have gone on for the both of us, I guess that’s when time becomes all relative or whatever that phrase is! Right now I have coconut oil in my eyes so I have no idea. I love you too! I’m glad I could offer comfort in some way when you needed it. You know I’ll always be here! Btw, even your comment was beautifully written, stop with the talenty writeryness! P.S I saw a Slytherin headband a couple of days ago and the temptation was STRONG! :’) xxxx

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      1. Aww…my gosh. Not a good day today and this has really teared me up. In a good way but also I’m just a bit sad these days and don’t know how to stop it. Thank you for being your lovely self.
        Talenty writeryness is YOU my love. How’s this:
        You good.
        You write TOO good.
        Me like.
        Me hug Arbie.
        Snuggle, snuggle, cuddle happy face.

        P.S BUY the Slytherin headband and post a photo PUH-LEASE!!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Bah I wish I had an answer to that but I get stuck in the same rubbish spiral. Why can’t it at least be like rainbow road on Maria Kart? Although that was a bitch too. Talking helps though, so does being kind to yourself – you better at least be doing that last one! Not beating yourself up or trying to snap out of anything, just let your body and mind heal and at least make sure you’re eating well, sleeping well, all the usual stuff when we’re sick. Sorry if this is info you know and don’t already need, don’t like to be that person! Just wish could get you out of it. Oh! You’re UK, right? Samaritans can be really good to talk to if you haven’t already. Haha, I very much liked the snuggle, snuggle, cuddle happy face!! Headband will be bought and photos will be posted! ❤

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    1. Thank youuuuu! Awwh! It works on normal tablets from what I can see (if you have one and want to test can download the sample) but it’s all cool because there’ll be an audio version and print in a few months! If you’re interested that is – no pressure!! ❤


  2. Whoop amazing. Congrats, so happy for you. I was scrolling through the comments and saw that you’re going to have a print version out soon so I shall wait for that as I don’t have a kindle and don’t fare well reading on tablets. Plus – you know how much I love books – would love to add yours to the collection. The blurb sounds amazing and I love that part of it is set in York, I love that place. Happy dance from me to you. You’ve totally inspired me xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was a long time coming! I’ll be sorting the print version in the next few months, I’ll be sure to make a post about it! Wooohoo for happy dances! I imagine it to the song Magic Dance in the Labyrinth! 😛 xx


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