But it’s not even my birthday!

The time and posting of this is a lie. I’m saying that because I’m sulking I didn’t get to post this on March 1st, like I had intended to! Getting involved in something always feels better on the first of the month. I mean, maybe it does. I’m not sure anymore. I just know I wanted to post this then!

Roda has begun a new challenge to tie in with the turn of the seasons – Signs of Spring! I don’t think that I’ll be able to get something every day, but I wanted to at least post one. If anything, because it’s so odd having snow in March!  Especially after being told it didn’t snow on my birthday, it always (okay not always, but I’m gonna whine) snows on my birthday! Well here, anyway. By here I mean in this place in England, not Hawaii!


The snow in this picture looks minimal compared to what then fell the following day. It had started to melt away so it was quite the surprise to see it return, even with the weather warnings.

Now, I’m in a group on whatsapp with two amazing people who like me, how do I word this, well, they care about shit basically, okay? Amidst the chit chat of the snow Ryan (a journalist and writer of cli-fi fiction) expressed his feelings on the current weather, and no, not in the usual English way. From there the conversation became a pretty damn neat lesson on climate change, a topic he is passionate about.

I’m pretty stupid, it can take some difficulty for me to understand what is happening, even if I care and want to take in the information. So, when Ryan linked me an article he had written it was exciting to read for two reasons: it was incredibly informative, and, I could understand it! He knows the importance of having the doors open for all to read and learn –  even people who spend most their time talking to their ferrets, like me!

You don’t really know much about me when it comes to what I write and why I write, what has influenced me for years (and quite subconsciously at that) and my hopes and motivations behind it (I’ll be posting up a series I’ve been working on about this in my On Writing section soon!) but with my intentions to post more, I think it’s always worth getting the conversation going on topics that are important to us.

And so, with the first signs of spring being pushed to the side because winter is enjoying holding the spotlight, I’d like to share with you Ryan’s article: http://www.ourfutureisgreen.co.uk/a-farewell-to-ice-review-watching-our-future-disappear-in-front-of-our-eyes/

Whether you believe in climate change or not, it’s never a bad thing to have a read about others views on the world.

What’s the weather like where you are right now?

11 thoughts on “But it’s not even my birthday!”

  1. I don’t know whereabouts you are but we (Cornwall) got exactly the same – some snow, started to melt, loads the next day (plus the weather warnings!).
    It’s all gone now, though.

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    1. I’m in the Midlands, buddy! Haha, I saw the pics on your blog and it’s so similar! It just snook right in and then decided to sod off after causing so much trouble!

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      1. Awwww man…. I feel terrible that I missed it! Happy birthday, Arbie! I’m sorry it’s late.


  2. Q: “What’s the weather like where you are right now?” Asks Arbie…
    A: SHITTY! …If you wanted to know! I thought we were over with Winter, we had a perfect weather week and now we are back to cold! Im getting bored if this winter.
    Happy belated Birthday Arbie Doll! 🙂

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    1. Haha, oh I do! I’m annoyed at myself. I wanted to take a dumb picture in the snow with my new Slytherin headband but it all melted as fast as it came! I was going to title it Slytherin through the Snow – ehehehehe I hope you can now see why I’m glaring at “oh but it’s too cold” past me! Hmpf, she’s such a wuss!


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