Video from when I did a gaming thing

EDIT: Some of this will no longer make sense because I changed the title of this post! I didn’t think about google and search words and the like… whoops.

Did it work? Did I click bait anyone? Damnit! I’m trying! Well, this is a video from when I called myself a camgirl, but it was only in jest – I don’t remember how it came about, it just did!

I’m not sure, but I think I might have a long time ago actually shared this whole Youtube thing I once tried on. I’m posting this because I’m probably going to do it again so along with a post series with suggestions of games for couples in LDR you might see some gaming related videos come up. I know this is my writing blog, so I’ll be sure to title those posts with VIDEO: This is clickbait pretend I’m showing my boobs in the image! Well, the video bit anyway.

I posted this after the below one but this is where it goes because I look like a mischievous gremlin in it. It’s sole purpose for being here. And that I used the wrong video at first.

But why now?

Because I’m a bit fed up. I’m also wondering if I’ve written about this before. Well, if I’ve forgotten then you probably will have to so let’s just have a chat!

I started that YouTube channel as a way of preparing myself for people being mean to me. I figured that if I could take people talking shit about my appearance or me in general then when people were horrible about my writing it wouldn’t hurt as much. Yeah, I dunno, I enjoyed playing video games too so also that.

While doing it though I made some buddies and found that given it took a fair bit of effort and time to make those videos I instead spent most of my time watching them and well, becoming a bit of a troll (not one of the mean ones!). The me in that video is probably a bit different to the me you’ve come to know here! I’m posting one of the roughest ones I made. No one watched them so it’s not like I’m here saying exclusive! Haha I just felt I wanted to post this one because Stanley Parable is awesome.

This is here so that I have an image for my post – and I find it hilarious that I look like I’m about to burst into song “Tomorrrooowww, tomorrrrowww I’ll love ya, tomorrrooowwww!”

You see, I’m not about to say anyone would have watched them had I done this, but I want to point something out. I told myself that if I posted these and people said mean things it’d prepare me for meaner things about something I actually cared about, right? Well, I was lying to myself. I didn’t advertise myself or post up my videos, not even to my own twitter account! I was always afraid.

Being afraid is kind of my constant play button. God it’s exhausting.

So in the name of saying, hey, I’ll probably be doing this as well because it was fun and why not? here is a video of other me – Ratch. Who, by the way, well the name not the me, is a character from Sokwurf! One of my favourites at that. So, it’s not Ratch as in Rachel, it’s Ratch as in ratchet! It’s not wingardium leviosa, it’s wingardium levioooooosa. How is it that I can spell wingardium but not the word necesar… necces… necessary. Oh thank god for spell check.

I’m sure this will be of little interest to the majority of you but hey, I spend most of my time talking about cats and ferrets so yeah, you know! Heh, for those who aren’t on my Instagram I totally have another thing to share too.

So ta da! Here is a video where I sit and talk quietly to myself. I’d say enjoy but I’m hoping as much as the next guy (actually racoon – like the teddy bear) that when I do make these again I’ve learned some new thingies.


17 thoughts on “Video from when I did a gaming thing”

    1. Doubt that one! I haven’t seen much of them though, only that they at least seem to know how to talk into a camera haha! I wanted to track you down so gonna do it here, do you know of or follow any bloggers based in Japan? I’m in the midst of my yearly “I’m going to learn Japanese and then live there one day” and feel I need to live vicariously!

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  1. Artie, you shouldn’t worry about what people may think or say. You do what you like to do. I believe that your mind is very prolific for new ideas or styles but you have a great loving heart too. You rule Arbie doll… H.J.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I know I shouldn’t, it’s so restricting and time consuming! Need to be doing things that put me out of my comfort zone!! And thank you! So do youuuu! 😄


    1. Oh my goodness! I love that! Haha don’t worry I was never really a cam girl so no such thing exists in the video! 😂 Just me talking to a video game… My only friend! 😂

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