March-ing forward with new intentions!

This isn’t my normal type of post and, it much more than usual, might seem more for myself than anyone else. But au contraire! The way I see it, if any of you are involving yourselves in any of these things then I would love to read about it in the comments.

There is a lot of text here, so please feel free to head to the end where there is a TLDR of what I’m planning to do this month.

So, let’s get this new monthly blog instalment that I want to make a well, uh, monthly thing, underway!



This month my writing time will be primarily taken up finishing the first 15,000 words of my new YA fantasy Samson the Storyeater. This book has been in the making for years. Like most of my books I began writing it at a time when my ups were much more creatively fuelled ups, where every time I was on a high I would begin a new book at record pace, only to lose all energy for it soon after. I’m doing what should have been done a long time ago now though, I’m finishing what I started. Which means I have 14 (really 14, not I like this number kind of 14) books to finish writing. That’s a lot of years, and a lot of wasted years, but let’s not look at the past and instead only focus on the future. I got this. Samson, we gonna bring you to life, boy! Uh, spider.

(Do you want progress posts? Posts about the whole novel writing process of it, ups and downs type thing? Or any other ideas?)

Poetry. I’m going to write more poetry (or my version of it – ranty rantums) for the blog. I know you have a lot to read, but I enjoy sharing with you, so shorter posts and more poems it is!

Meet me in Another World. I will finally be posting the first two from a series of video game related posts for people in LDR.

Possible: I might also be adding to my On Writing section with my first essay written in some time. It depends, I don’t want to overload myself or rush anything important to me.



I’m reading your blogs! I plan to keep myself updated with all those that I follow as much as possible this month. I’m actually finding that I’m reading you faster than you can post, so… more, more! Or maybe share some of your favourite blogs with me. 🙂

After getting the word that Emilie Autumn’s book The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls was available for free for a week on Kindle I finally downloaded it. I wish I was reading this book in November (I fit books to months, I find they read better with the seasons – anyone else feel this way?) I’m about a quarter through right now.

Another book I wish I had read in colder months, Thin Air by Michelle Paver. I desperately want to finish this. It’s really good.

(Another question: anyone interested in posts about what I learned reading as a writer type book reviews? Heck, I like that idea, I’m going to start doing that come April – when I guess I’ll be finished by.)



With a lot of my free time being taken up with writing I won’t have quite as much time for video games. I do, however, want to try and get back into playing more often. To keep it short but sweet, I intend to play a horror game I found on my tablet called The Letter. I might record this and pop it up on YouTube.

Oh, I also neeeed to play Mystic Messenger. I mean, that’s what advertising is telling me. So otome game it is!




I don’t have much to write here because I can’t think what I want to watch other than season 2 of The Good Place and Black Clover! So, uh, yeah, those.



After installing Spotify on my tablet I am trying to vary what I listen to. Even more so after learning of goth country from Laina and reading Ivor’s awesome post about Leonard Cohen! Right now I’m listening to Annie Lennox. I plan to start posting music videos like Mel and Ward do. I like seeing those and I’ve wanting to join in with doing that for some time, so that will be something I do this month too. Honestly, I had a post prepared and ready to go, but it’s sitting on my laptop!



I’m really inspired by bloggers such as Dee Dee and Julie who are taking health and work out regimes and giving them a good throttle! I want to get involved. I’ve said that I’ve gained some weight – which I wanted, but in doing so because of a past ED it’s easy to freak out when I look in the mirror and see more fat, regardless of whether or not I want it. I might write posts with progress pictures (these will just end up being mirror selfies though!) as I manage to tone up and build strength. Strength and energy are massively important to me. When I really started working out Summer 2016 it was incredibly exciting when each session I would find myself stronger and with more resilience to the pain. To be honest I enjoyed the pain, it really gave me a boost and teamed with the good ol’ Suicide Squad soundtrack I felt like a badass. Don’t all laugh at once. Yes, me, feeling like a badass! Of course, this means that I also need to improve my diet and make sure I am eating enough healthy foods.



I used to really enjoy learning new things. I have folders with information about anything from vampires to killers to mythology to languages. But, my mental illness screwed me on that as well. In the name of trying to get some of my life back, I’m trying to give my brain a break from bad stuff and instead attempting to put it’s focus on other things. So far, I have started learning Japanese again using some really easy to use apps. I’m not sure what I want to learn about just yet, but I’m sure I’ll post about it when I decide. I’m going to browse through an app about ancient cultures and see which takes my fancy. I might just learn about something really simple, a single god, for example.

Suggestions? What topic do you have a secret knowledge on or interest in?



So, there it is, a summary of my plan for March in terms of hobbies and self-improvement. At the beginning of April, as well as a separate post for my April’s plans, I will post about how I got on with this month’s plans. I have no idea what I will be able to achieve but I’m hoping these goals will give me a path to follow at least.


I realize that there is not a section where I speak about how I plan to tackle mental illness, but all of this is how I plan to tackle it. Most of what is wrong can’t be thought or willed away, but, I’m trying to loosen its grip and being able to focus elsewhere even for a small amount of time is a huge step! I guess I should add I’m going to be seeking more/new help back at the hospital, but that’s about it.







15,000  words for YA fantasy Samson the Storyeater

More poetry

Meet me in Another World

On Writing section update – possibly


The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls – Emilie Autumn

Thin Air – Michelle Paver


The Letter

Mystic Messenger


The Good Place

Black Clover


Attempting to branch out and hear new genres.


Getting my ass in gear to get toned and stronger.


Japanese language



If you read this then thank you! I know it isn’t saying much but I wanted to get these goals down and thought that I would share.


I hope you’re well!


Do you have any hobby plans this month?


Arbie x



24 thoughts on “March-ing forward with new intentions!”

  1. Yeah Arbie I read it all, phew you’re going to have a lot on your plate, best you go out and buy a big platter. I’m not very know-legible, and I don’t read a lot, but I do know a lot about plumbing, and I’ve a great capacity to dream and write. And starting to be happier and more comfortable with my life. Now I must go do my morning exercises……

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are a brilliant writer, which I suppose adds into you being a dreamer too. 🙂 I’m really pleased you’re starting to be happier and more comfortable!! And I’d take a platter of food right about now haha! xxxx


    1. Thank you, Tony! I will be sure to! I think that’s definitely something I need to keep in mind, especially with the hobbies, there’s no need for them to be done this month. 🙂 xx


  2. A very well planned month, I see. I’ll be looking forward to getting introduced to new music genres via your posts! And, best wishes for your book. Cheers! 🌌

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m part way through The Good Place and then I guess they took one of their mid-season breaks. So I’m waiting for the episode list to fill up again!
    Gaming-wise, I have a series problem. I’m now at over 290 hours on Horizon Zero Dawn and can’t seem to stop 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know! I wish we could edit our comments, I’ve said some silly things before thanks to typos! I don’t think I’ve heard of Horizon Zero Dawn, I’ll need to check it out! That being said , if it’s sucked you in for 290 hours I might need to steer clear! Is TGP on another break? I thought it had wrapped up S2? dag nabbit!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It might have finished by now. Trouble is, I stopped when the episodes stopped and am watching other things. It’ll have to wait until I circle back round!
        HZD is a PS4 exclusive but it’s so good I’d buy a PS4 just to play it! 🙂


  4. To encourage you … I’ve returned to the gym and though it is hard and I am sore, I am doing it!! Do it, Arbie! Get back to exercising! You will feel so much better. Put the gaming down and get out and exercise. See, you are of another generation then I am, and thus, I have not gotten involved in gaming. I know how addicting they can be and how they pull you away from life itself. Go and loose those pounds and feel better about you. (((HUGS))) Amy🌹

    Liked by 1 person

  5. thank you for sharing your goals Arbie, and i wish you all the best with them! You can do it, i know life sometimes deters us in various ways but you have a great head on your shoulders and I believe in you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you so much! That’s such a kind and motivational comment. Yes, life certainly throws spanners in the works! For me it’s usually in the shape of a tiny furry critter haha! xx


  6. So honored to be mentioned in your post! I love that you are interested in strength and not the number on the scale! If I can do anything to help, just let me know my friend 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course! It’s incredible what you do! I mean, you were lifting yourself with just your fingers! I’m sorry, I can’t get over that! Yes! There was something so good about feeling like I was getting stronger and my body could handle more of what I was doing! I’ll absolutely let you know but honestly just seeing your insta posts is a brilliant push in the right direction! xxxx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’ll try not to write too much then, if you’re going to carry on trying to read it all lol. Just making a note of those games and movies…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m having such a great time reading everyone’s posts that I stress about missing them when it comes to the weekend and I always seem to fall behind! I like the variety of posts I read. You most definitely included! *hears the sound of laundry in the background* How is it that something from your posts that should be an every day thing just makes me feel warm and content reading? Amazing!


  8. This is a really great post. Good luck with all that! Be careful though. I find it too easy to beat myself up over missed targets so be kind to yourself ok?
    Love both Leonard Cohen and Annie Lennox btw.


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