Suicidal Flies and Teacakes

I was wondering what to write about today. I used to do these Sunday blogs on the regular for the wholeeee of October. That’s a big deal for me. Commitment (I’m ashamed to say) isn’t something I can do often. I’m writing this and forgetting what I’ve written right after, and so now I’m wondering why I don’t try write this instead after I’ve exercised instead because my head was a bunch clearer after it yesterday.

I’ll be writing a blog post about it properly next Saturday so I won’t go into it much at all here. All I’ll say is that the boost in my mood was AWESOME.

Oh, I wrote a poem about boobs (probably not what you’re thinking – actually what could you be thinking?) that I haven’t posted yet because I’m not sure it’s something I want to share. Actually… sod it, what’s the point in this blog if I’m thinking twice about what I should and shouldn’t post because what people might think of me. I have hang ups about my body, big shock there to anyone who has been reading my blog for some time!


Let’s do this together. Are you ready? Let’s hit post. Damn, what do I tag this? If you haven’t noticed, I suck at using tags. Let’s tag it something to do with jelly because I’m hungry and I want jelly. I’m imagining you guys who normally comment sitting beside me and we’re posting this together. Why am I nervous? I wish I could tell when it was real nerves or fake nerves because my brain doesn’t know how to brain.

Seriously laptop? You want to do a Windows updates now? How many times have we spoken about this?

Now we’re stalling.

*Hit’s post.*

Okay, we did it! You know reading it back I can’t help but wonder if I’ve used some of those lines before. Or, if I’ve just had them in my head for some time. Ever have that feeling? It’s strange. I write about not feeling good enough when it comes to my appearance and I read other’s expressing the same feelings. What about intellect though? There is so much I want to learn and so little that I know, why am I spending more time posting about external and not internal. I want to make a change to that. Especially as I try reign in negative thoughts and expand my knowledge (doesn’t that sound fancy? Or kind of terrifying if you imagine a brain swelling… oh lord!) Yes, we’ll do that. Once the lines hit we’ll start a tapping.


Speaking of tapping, that has no link to this what so ever, actually no! Given people will say “I’d tap that” it totally does! I installed an app called Bottled. It’s a message in a bottle app where you write a message and then fling it into the ocean and someone will find it, open it, and then either release or keep it. If they keep it they’ll then message you, if they fancy it.

Eh heh heh heh.

I’m laughing because this kind of app just screamed mischief to me. It also, so I thought, could open the door for a little interactive fiction with other users. Let me show you instead what happened when I decided I’d be a genie, and what naïve me should have expected to happen. I did used to venture into chatrooms, after all.


I hope that after this experience the above user will go on to lead a happy and healthy sex life. He really should have been more specific in his wishes! Well, at least he’ll have a nice song to sing along to.

I don’t think I’ll be using Bottled for much longer, it was a fun novelty app but because I’m not really too interested in chatting with folks (read: I’d get nervous and not know what to say) I think I’m over it. Back to the language learning apps and having a lady shout chicken at me in Japanese. NIWATORI! I think it’s my new favourite word. Either that or I’ve been brain washed into thinking it is.


I actually left this post alone and went to work out. My head was so fuzzy I was hoping it would help. I think it might have a little. I read through this post and found so many weird errors because my brain was having a field day – meaning it wasn’t there.



Oh! Why I titled this blog what I did – spring is coming into its own and with it is coming a gang of small flies that are desperate to get in my mouth. Seriously, I’ve already eaten two. I really don’t want to eat them but they keep just flying on in there. Stahp flies… stahp. Uhm, as for the teacakes bit. I just liked it. I actually ate crumpets instead. With a cuppa tea. Evenin’ guvnor!

I’m sorry this is another mish mash of words. I’m going to start getting things on track – or trying to.


Sunday – Blog post

Any day – poem

Wednesday – An idea I’m stealing

Friday – Meet me in Another World

Saturday – Fitness update (this will also include how it has helped – or not – my mental health)



Let’s just try stick to that for now. Or is that too much? I mean in the end people can read or not read whatever they want!

I hope you’re all well and having a wonderful weekend! Did anything happen that made you smile? I hope so!

Arbie X





18 thoughts on “Suicidal Flies and Teacakes”

    1. OMG! Thank you! I don’t know what’s going on but whenever I copy my text across from Word it shows as almost black on the screen so I turned it white but of course on tablet and phone it shows as blank! Aaaargh!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. You are fine. Boobs are fine. Your answer to that person man person was fine. Everything is fine. I’m fine. Things are fine.

    I’m being silly. But that’s fine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m half asleep and that is fine. Silly is always fine. Tea is fine. Even though it’s too hot that is fine. Seriously it’s fine. What do you mean is something wrong? It’s fine. Well I mean she said she was fine! Now I’m enjoying having a passive aggressive conversation with myself which is fine.

      Are you fine?


  2. Ok – so bottled sounds like the best procrastination device in the known universe 🙂 (installing it in a minute) – also, nothing wrong with poetry about boobs 😉


    1. It’s such a bonus and you know it might start coming on top of strength as my reason to continue! I can’t wait to start building the kind of strength you have! If I ever can… 😮😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I must admit, Arbie, you are original. I wouldn’t return to be young for anything! I shudder to think of those days. I didn’t feel good about me at all! I think you are lovely and sweet. All is good! If I knew what I did when I was your age, instead of seeing the flaws, I would have begun to see how beautiful I was (I still am!). Go for that exercise …. keep doing it!! If I can do it (at my age) then so can you!! Know you are such a unique young woman …. put that feather in your cap!! 👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh I do like feathers in my cap! Thank you, Amy. I’m definitely being motivated seeing all my favourite online ladies pushing themselves with fitness! Looking forward to more of your posts! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

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