The Stranger in the Mirror

I take my clothes with me into the bathroom

so I can dress before seeing myself in the mirror

before looking at my breasts that weren’t good enough

I then ask myself, good enough for who?

At what point did I lose my opinion about my own body

and at that point did I lose ownership of my skin too


If I drop the towel to the floor and catch sight of my image

I place my hands on my breasts and I wonder

perhaps they aren’t too small

and only your hands too big


I run a finger beneath them,

ask myself, is this where the knife will cut

and then question my own eyes

is this really what you want?

What of you will it make better?

when did you lose sight of who you wanted to be


What of the women before you?

of all the writers who caused your chest to swell with pride

when they’re words told you,

you are good enough as you


What of the future?

should you become what they are now

to another

What will you tell the girl, that you see as beautiful

that you see is once as you were


How will you tell her

you are good enough as you

when you never felt good enough for anyone

and willingly changed to fit a perception of beauty

you never even believed to be true

20 thoughts on “The Stranger in the Mirror”

    1. Thanks, Ivor! It was written really quickly right before I went in the shower. I didn’t think of it as reflective but now you’ve pointed it out I see it. Thank you!

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  1. The mirror never lies, it will always tell you things as they really are. It could be your friend and later… your enemy! Also, you can not lie to it because it’s looking at you straight in the eyes! You’ll figure this out Arbie. Good writing. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Diana! Unfortunately, they rarely bloody shut up. I’ve warned them no phone for a week unless they do, but you know how they are! BTW, I’m loving your Instagram pictures! *drools* That sunset! Sunrise? I don’t know which it is I just know it’s beautiful! :O

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      1. Haha yes I know that feeling …. mine shout at around 3 am. “Get outta bed, you’re missing the day! Wanna dance, lets listen to music. Netflix would be fun!”
        Such din!
        Thanks for the Insta compliment 😘🌹…. I live close to the bay here and zip down to view sunsets frequently. No two ever the same …. like all of us !


  2. Lovely poem. I could absolutely relate. I felt myself in your words and saw it all unfolding in front of me … the trap of the mind, the freedom of the mind- which one will we choose?

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    1. Gosh I like this comment better than the poem haha. Trap of the mind vs freedom, constant battle isn’t it? Its like deep down you know what you’re seeing is lies for monetary gain, but inside you is all that doubt and what if, too. It’s a bugger basically ain’t it!

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    1. I tend to over think everything so I’d probably have the same inner monologue over eating toast for breakfast, but! I dread to think how many are pushed by societies hand for “improvements” that are based on nothing but cash flow. Keep telling people there’s something wrong with them and they’ll keep looking for the fix. I’m completely sucked in by it too, it’s hard one to resist!

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    1. Bloody hell she’s smart. I think she hit the nail on the head when talking about what it means to be a woman and how that can play on our identity and self esteem. Thank you so much for sharing this with me! 💕🌹


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