How Queen and The Dude helped me battle anxiety

I’ve been on the verge of talking about mental health more lately, rocking myself back and forth over it.

I then realized that I don’t often talk about things I try to do to make it better.

This happened in the early hours of the morning and since it involves music I thought I’d involve you.

I’ve been trying to ride out waves of extreme (and random) anxiety. It completely floods over me leaving me cold and in a panic, when there isn’t a specific thing to panic about my brain will bring up whatever it can as a kind of, look, here, this is something you can get upset about!

Well, I actually had myself a little success last night. This might be because I was quite delirious but fuck it, it’s mine. I’m taking it.

This isn’t a new technique. Doctors, therapists, psychologists, pigeons with clipboards (come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t have let that one in my house), they all kind of work with similar stuff. Honestly, it usually doesn’t do me much good, but for whatever reason I decided to ride with the wave of anxiety last night, and here’s how it went with the aid of a sleep deprived brain and some good buddies.


cue deep breathing…

“I am riding this wave, I am in the sea, I am on a surf board.

It doesn’t matter that I can’t swim I am in control because this is a magical sea and I am riding these waves like a boss.

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and I’m burnin’ through the sky, yeah, 200 degrees

that’s why they call me Mr…


Those aren’t my thoughts, what the?



cue music

it is very important you have this song in your head!


I’m a shooting star leaping through sky

like a tiger

defying the laws of gravity

cue visuals of my brain


I’m a racing car passing by

like Lady Godiva

I’m gonna go go go

there’s not stopping meeeeeee



brain enters stage left



I’m burning through the sky yeaaaah

200 degrees

that’s why they call me mr farenheit

I’m travelling at the speed of liiight

I wanna make a supersonic man outta you



cue spotlight on brain


I’m a rocket ship on my way to Mars

on a collision course

I am a satellite




enter my brain in full swing


I’m a sex machine ready to reload

like an atom bomb

About to oooh oooh oh explodeeee



now it’s just showing off


Don’t stop me noooowww

I’m having such a good time

I’m having a ball

If you wanna have a good time just gimme a caaaaallllll

Cause I’m having such a good time

I don’t wanna stop at aaallllll



final act: my brain dancing with anxiety



As you can probably imagine, this did nothing to help me get to sleep. It did help my waking hours not be quite so awful though. In fact, during that time, it was just plain ol’ fun.

I hope this post brings a smile to someone’s face and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself summoning the Dude and Queen yourself one night!



And the woooorld

I’ll turn it inside ouutttt yeaaaa


16 thoughts on “How Queen and The Dude helped me battle anxiety”

  1. I’m laughing and giggling to myself, Oh wow, such a wondrous post, I’m flying high with you, it’s exactly what I do, to give the anxieties the shooo, and play music on cue, sometimes rousing, could be blues, maybe a chocolate or two, all the best now, I’m thinking of you.

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    1. I couldn’t play this version but I searched and listened to the same song and it was lovely and soothing! I hope it was still the right one and what you wanted me to hear! I’m soooo glad you were laughing! It was a very funny moment but one I really struggled to try and convey. I think The Dude cracks me up regardless though. Now chocolate sounds like a great idea! 😛 Thinking of you too, my friend. 🙂 xx


  2. So when you become anxious, will this song and this video help you to work out of it? Minimize it? I very much hope you’ve found a sort of charm to get out of it! That would be awesome!

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    1. Ah, I tried it again this morning and unfortunately not! But it did work for that time and that’s good enough for me! It might work again in the future, I think it depends on how bad it is and where I am in the up and the down of it. Comedy and humour can be pretty damn helpful though I’ve found. Especially at creeping a mood up after a bad bout! xx I hope you’re well!

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      1. Ohhhh… comedy, eh? I recommend looking up Whose Line Is It Anyway, Scenes From A Hat compilation on YouTube. Good stuff

        Or Tim Minchin, virtually anything.

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  3. Good god woman! Mr. Fucking Farenheit? I LOOOOOOVE that song! It’s all sorts of amazing. It also reminds me of my days at uni, it was the mantra of the drama society (of which I was a superstar, obvs 😉😏)
    We’ve spoken about this before, but the brain hooking onto any negative thought as a personal torture, is something I know well. It ruined many years of my childhood and until you voiced it in your uniques, beautiful and empathetic yet clear way, I thought I was alone in this torturous insanity. But I’m not. Not when you’re around.

    And the Dude. Oh gosh.. that film…unlike any other. Brilliant.

    I always knew we connected, you and I but sometimes when I feel list I come to your words and I feel a kindred spirit. Chatting over a cuppa in our brain library…love it.

    You’re my beautiful axelotl and I appreciate the crap out of you

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