Today is like Yesterday and will be like Tomorrow and that’s Okay

7:30 and the alarm goes off.

Fuck, I’m awake.


I don’t mean to be depressing but sometimes it’s a peaceful part of mind that I can find at 4am when I’m wide awake hoping that when I sleep I won’t open my eyes again to a new light a new day another way for me to show that tomorrow didn’t fade with dreams it just seeped into new nightmares of a new day that will pull at the inner corners of my mind like pulling paper days away from a calendar that’s placed on this desk somewhere but what’s a day when it starts at night and why am I told to seek the comfort of the sunlight when the moon always made life more bearable and the stars showed more concern than the silhouettes that pass over the sundial


I don’t remember what I said when I last posted. I think it was something something trying to be more open but then I went on to delete the next posts I wanted to write.

I’m imagining again, which is good. It means some room has been made clear. I’ve had characters that I lost come back to me and new ideas and less guilt for not writing stories I’d planned to years ago because now their places make more sense.

I’m sorry I’m slow with replying to people and that I’m not reading blogs like I used to, most of my energy is being spent on kittens. I like them though, they’re weird. They try to lick my eyeballs. I also suck at communication. Hit Send.

I intend to finally – finally –  do the first promo for my book, that I know I should have done on it’s release but just no feelings towards that, really. I don’t network well. I promise to be more chipper when I make a proper post about this.

I’m imagining again, which is bad. It means that room has been made for thoughts that I don’t want to see, I don’t want to hear.

Why am I writing in short sentences? Sentence, space, sentence, space. Enter, enter. Why do people keep telling others how to write?

Why do people keep crediting skill to illness. If people like my writing then I hope they don’t praise something that has been trying to kill me.

I’ll snap out of this soon because today is like yesterday and will be like tomorrow and that’s okay because I always wake up and doing something not like yesterday is Sunday’s business.

I like to make people smile and I’m sorry that today is not that day. If I wait for that day I’ll write even less than I already do.

Arbie x

7 thoughts on “Today is like Yesterday and will be like Tomorrow and that’s Okay”

    1. Beautiful, Ivor. I’ll keep your words in mind tomorrow to remember today’s sunshine, which, although not all too kind on the frizzy front, actually felt pretty nice to sit out in and write. 🙂

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  1. I’m glad to see you writing today… but hold on to the imagination, because that’s what inspires you to write. Write good and bad, happy and difficult. People want to read your stuff!

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    1. I hope so! I don’t even know what I’m writing for anymore, it’s more just an urge to write something down. Like wanting to practice something but not really for anyone, not even self. I think I might just enjoy the sound the keyboard makes. Okay, I do hope to eventually get back to proper story writing, so I guess it’s a practice to get the noggin’ working in sentences and not fullstops. If any of this makes sense, meet me at the diner on 21st where the moon shines down on the dude that wears a trench and nothing else. I am not that dude. And don’t meet me there because I don’t think it exists, but anyway, what I’m saying is: I bet you get me. ❤

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      1. I get you. I’ve been there, both writing for the sake of writing and for no person, and the diner where the moon shines down on a dude in a trench coat.

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    1. They do! It’s such a change in mentality whenever I walk in their room and they all come running towards me with their little tails upright and mewing their little greetings. Not so nice when they all want to pile on and then play kill the human leg, but, still, no complaints here! And thank you, I can say the exact same back to you, my talented and beautiful friend! ❤

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