Incoming: Rainy day for Brit to complain about – this time with much more rain

Do you remember the last time I was out here, and there was that incorrect missile warning that sent people into a panic? Well, this time it’s a hurricane (although, not incorrect!)! I think I’m bringing the place bad luck, although that’s too egotistical. I’m just a bit wrong place wrong time right now!

If you’ve not seen, Hurricane Lane is a category 5 hurricane that is set to hit the islands on Thursday. Although this post will be light-hearted, I understand (to the best of my ability without experience) how serious this can be.

I’ll probably be blogging about this (unless/until the power goes out) because, well, this is a blog/diary thing after all.

Today was interesting. I’ve not had rations given to me before and so being in a line for water at Costco was new. At first it looked like people hovering around the stacks of other drinks but, as I was about to turn left and continue a hunt for the water, my fiancé pointed out to me that no, it was a line. It wrapped around and ended at the back of the store somewhere which was where I left him to go make sure that it really was a line for water and also to scout out how long it was. Lonnnggg! But it moved quickly and I hope everyone got some water.

Water and toilet paper, that’s what most people had in their carts. Other than that I saw a lot of pet food too. And crackers. I know you shouldn’t look in other people’s carts but hey I wanted hurricane shopping ideas! I mean, we ended up buying Hawaii Hurricane popcorn which is something a lot of people were buying!

I’m not massively worried at the moment because it’s a couple of days away and I’m still hoping it’ll get bored, or see another hurricane going in another direction and think I’mma gonna follow that! But, even if it does come we’re in a safe area (I think) and we’re now prepared for both ourselves and the cats (we have another carrier just in case we need to evacuate – actually considering buying another).

One of my main concerns is actually the cats that we feed. I’ve been in touch with the lady who also feeds them and has for some time and I think we’re going to see what happens by tomorrow. Me and my fiancé have already discussed trying to get the smallest kittens out if we need to because we’re not as sure that they can get to high ground as the others. The kittens that are 3 months (the same as the gremlin princes – our foster kittens in case you’re reading this and saying who?) are springing up trees so hopefully they’ll be okay. Ugh. Honestly, one of the biggest worries on my mind is those cats.

Oh, we also have Taffy’s carrier ready. One mouse, eight cats. As you do.

Will update if there’s anything to update about and because writing! Reason! Woohoo!

P.S Just keep getting Illidan in my head shouting YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.

P.P.S My fiance keeps saying that we’re going to die and now our cat Atlas is freaking out. He won’t stop screaming.



10 thoughts on “Incoming: Rainy day for Brit to complain about – this time with much more rain”

  1. I don’t like the name, Lane, of your Hurricane, hmmm, Hurricane Lane, sounds like a bowling alley, so I reckon it’ll peter out…… because It’s got a shit name…. Well miss cat-woman, stay safe, and don’t go down any dark Lanes tonight. xx

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    1. I hope it bloody goes and bowls off somewhere else! It’s got no business here, I tells ya! Will avoid dark lanes but have torches just in case lanes come to me! xx


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