We have Goldfish in our safe room

Hurricane Lane is now a category 4 (keep going down you frisky cricket!) and as of now on Oahu not really seeing anything, apocalypse yet to arrive!

Ah, it’s so late, but we’re kind of prepared, I think. Maybe. Yeah.

Sometime this afternoon our phones buzzed and then we tuned into the radio and it told us that the hurricane had gone from watch to warning – because the radio is evil, or helpful… depending on if you’re a half empty or half full kind of person.

I’ve been watching it roll out so far by searching news feeds and looking through tweets, in between making our own preparations. It’s interesting seeing how different people are handling it, and it reminded me of two conversations I slightly heard yesterday that I might have already posted about but I don’t feel like I did and I’m half asleep so story time.

The first was when we first got into line and two men walked past us, one saying to the other (in an accent that reminded me of tough cop films), “Forget about the line for water, it’ll interfere with cocktail hour.”

Aha, I seriously hope they got water after cocktail hour should in the end they need it!

Secondly, was when I was scouting out where the line led to and what for. A man was turned to the woman behind him in the line, who I’m guessing from the snippet of the conversation I heard didn’t know what a hurricane was. I heard the man say, his palms held out with his shoulders lifted a little, “It’s kinda like a tornado, but in the sea.” When this didn’t seem to do anything (the lady not replying), he said, “Have you seen Sharknado?” Fair enough explanation. Hurricanes = Sharknado = do I get to keep one and called it Charlie?

Ah, little things, but I’d like to remember them.

We have our cats prepared and our safe room ready just in case the worst does happen. We’re on the south coast of oahu just up from the beach, but we’re just out of the tsunami zones and flood zones. We’ve spoken with a neighbour (I need to tell you about this guy, he’s awesome) and he’s let us know that everyone is planning on staying so far. We’ve seen them getting ready, positioning cars and packing them up so I think people are preparing their disaster plans as well as a just in case. We have ours in place as much as possible, but we’re going to need to know routes if roads close because of flash floods.

We went to check on the stray cats and they’re doing well. The three kittens that I was most concerned about (due to their size) have gone, so either the mother has moved them or a person has in preparation. I’m hoping the kittens that are the same age as ours will find shelter with the big cats. It’s a difficult choice to make because if we bring them here there isn’t room in our safe room with us and our pets and we don’t have a carrier for them if we need to evacuate. We’re going to continue playing it by ear and see what happens – we want to do the best for them that we can, and not end up accidentally placing them in more danger.

Whilst out feeding the stray cats we spoke to two men. One was feeding the cats in one area we go to and another was eating near them. It dawned on me how nobody seems to know the same information of what’s happening. The first man was unsure of the extent to what was coming, and said it was wind more than rain that would hit us, while the second said it would be the rain and not the wind that would cause us issues.

I’m still hoping that the hurricane will bugger off.

Time to get some sleep now.

Arbie X

6 thoughts on “We have Goldfish in our safe room”

    1. It never came! Thankfully! All that to-do and it was destroyed by the trade winds before it reached Oahu. The big island and Maui got hit by some unfortunately but thankfully it was no where near what it could have been.

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