Working on new books and stuff like that with stories in

You know, I’m honestly not 100% sure that I haven’t posted the first chapter of Kidnapping Death’s Daughter before, but I couldn’t see it and it wasn’t linked so… there we go, sorted! Dusted off! If you saw that post, it is the first chapter of my self-published book Kidnapping Death’s Daughter which you can find here. But, sneaky sneaky, it will be available for free on the 7th – 9th of October! Just in time for Halloween! Even though, really, I would recommend it being best read around Winter (which is when it is set). But, still, reapers… Halloween… Death. Yes.

Anyway, this post is about projects I’m currently working on. Before I start, I know that I often do this. “I’m going to do this!” I say, and then illness gets in the way. But, and this might not be a great thing, but I’m done with trying to be perfect. I just want to write all the stories that I’ve had in my head for a long, long time, and the new one that’s slipped in quite rudely – like someone who butts in when you’re in the middle of a conversation! I’ve learned a great deal about what I can and can’t do and I’m going to try and put this into practice. It might mean that deadlines aren’t hit, and that sometimes I just can’t write at all, but I’m done with giving up on life so I can now start acting on the present.

This is a rushed post, by the way, so I’m sorry if it’s a bit of a jumble. I’m not sure why I’m rushing it come to think of it, but here we go!

There will be a sequel to Kidnapping Death’s Daughter. It is planned to be a series. The next book is (for now) titled No Mercy and set to take place both in Venice and England. It will be an even larger project than KDD was for a debut novel and I don’t plan to have this released until at least October next year. If you like urban fantasy, masquerades, power plays, betrayal, and epic battles then this might be of interest to you!

In between this series of books there will be three others that are essentially origin stories of minor (kind of) characters. The first of these, Queens Never Die, I am hoping to have out by January – but that will be a push. It is a story of witches set in 17th century England. It is, of course, fantasy and will also pay mention to Pestilence (who, in this world, is their creator). Queen’s Never Die, will be an adventure story, but unlike Kidnapping Death’s Daughter and No Mercy it will also be an LGBT+ romance. I will be posting the first chapter of this soon, once I work out whether or not I’m happy with the PoV.

Finally, the LitRPG that I am working on called For You. This actually came about because my fiancé has been going through a rough time and I wanted to cheer him up. He really enjoys the kind of stories where someone from our world is dragged into a fantasy game world and so I decided I’d write one for him – hence the name! It actually is also one of the reasons I started to fully imagine again. When I first approached him with the idea I was quite hesitant. I’d been asking him questions like “What class would you want to be if you were sucked into an MMO?” and then, because I’m rubbish with secrets, I told him my plan and to my absolute joy he was over the moon about it and he cheered up massively even just talking about it. I have a blurb (which I’ll post once the protagonist name is finalised) for this written and a basic plot line. My fiancé is enjoying discussing the world with me and I will be writing articles on world anvil (fantasy writer friends, if you don’t know what this is then you should absolutely check it out). For You will be published as a novel on Amazon but it will initially be made available on Royal Road and Wattpad as serial fiction. I might post it on here too, to be honest.


So, there are a lot more books than this that I have in my [TO BE WRITTEN] catalogue but chronologically speaking these are my upcoming books. I’m not going to make promises or go off and carve anything into stone for the gods to look down upon and then smite me when I don’t get it done. I’m gonna try though, and that’s all we can do sometimes, isn’t it? But it’s better than giving up. I suppose that’s what this post is about in the end. I’m not giving up, I accept there will be really bad days, but I am fortunate to have people who believe in me when I don’t – and that, my friends, is both those I know outside of this blog space, and those of you in it. Thank you.

Arbie x

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