Yeah, nah, I don’t think so, maybe

I write in third person, most of the time. Don’t ask me to get into the nitty gritty of it because despite how long I’ve been writing I know very little about the technical terms of it all. Queens Never Die is something I thought I’d experiment with. I used to write in first person when I first started out, something I think is fairly common. For whatever reason, I switched to third quite naturally, and now when I write in first it feels clunky and false.

I had planned to write QND in first, but I think I’m instead going to opt for third. I caught myself, wondering if I was in fact just going for the safe route, but no, I think I’m going for the easier option and the one that I know will get me writing the quickest. If you read my plan, it’ll show I have three books that I want finished by the end of next year. I thought first person was essential because in the story Ceska switches between a male body and a female body and her infatuation with someone’s daughter is chronicled through her mind – the confusion, the lust, etc. I can write this in third though, and I do like to play god as the narrator. Also, I don’t like rules. The story is also not majorly about those things, I plan for it to be an adventure story more than anything else. I do like my quests.

So, the first chapter I posted up, unless when I start writing (I’m researching plaguey stuff at the moment) it just seems like the right fit, is probably not going to go anywhere. It’ll be the same beginning, but in a different style. I’m aiming at it being roughly 80k which is more than doable in 4 months if my brain can be on my side. KDD was written in one month. One horrible month. Hisssss. Not for NaNoWriMo I don’t think, although… maybe? Is anyone taking part in that? Oh! HA! I just bloody remembered! QND was actually the story I started writing for NaNoWriMo about 3 bloody years ago! Dear lord… ain’t it odd how things turn out? Now I feel like I should write it for NaNo.

This short post is kind of a diary entry for me in writing and also to be writing. To be writing? To be or not to be writing?! That is the awfully worded question! My head is fuzzy, but I’m here smacking away at the keyboard anyway. Sorry, keyboard. I know you get the worse of it. Me beating you, drinks spilling on you, my cat plonking his butt down on you day after day.

Yeah, writing while like this isn’t easy, and yesterday I became such an angry little soul when I sat down to learn market research I nearly threw my laptop at the wall (very glad that didn’t happen). Nothing makes sense though. It hurts, it’s frustrating, it’s broken existence. But! I made my choice. I learn how to live like this and I learn how to write like this. I may have no idea what I’m writing right now but word is going after word!

Does anyone have any good comedian recommendations? Comedy is great. You’re all great.

I know that seems like an abrupt end, like I said hello! How are you? And just as you were about to reply I waved and said greeeeat! Bye! But I’m not really saying anything anymore, so why waste your time?

I’ll be diary entry blog writing book progress stuff.

Oh! And finally I’m back reading your blogs. You’re bloody brilliant, you know, all of you.

Arbie X

16 thoughts on “Yeah, nah, I don’t think so, maybe”

    1. Oooh trouble afoot I see! Yeah, I think that’s one of my issues. I might accidentally do that in a way that doesn’t work at all because I’m pretty awful at wanting to play god when writing and basically being a know it all narrator. I think third is probably a better option for me!

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