For the love of snakes

I like snakes. Let me get that out there, in case you know, it’s some kind of bias or something I don’t know. I don’t understand people who don’t like snakes. Fear of them, sure. I’m not about to run up to a snake in the wild for a cuddle. But, people who think that they are evil? Yeah. Big problem with those people.

The power of stories, huh? That a poor snake, an animal that let’s face it, didn’t do anything and has nothing to do with the devil and the only Eve it ever met is probably some cool chick who thought it looked cute and took it home to hang with the rest of her menagerie. But, stories. Stories and lunatics. You show a specific type of animal as bad for long enough and people actually begin to believe it. Are we surprised there, though? We like our stereotypes in our stories. We like to know who is evil and who is good. Snakes, they have to be evil, right? Why, because the bible says so? I don’t actually know what the bible says, I also don’t care if it does say they’re evil or shows them in some negative light. At all. The bible can say that a league of snakes called legion brought on the apocalypse and swung Jesus around their heads by their tails. I don’t care. It isn’t a particularly nice faith (I mean that these particular people – people I mention later on – are going by, I’m aware this isn’t something all religious people do!) that abuses animals.

God did not give us dominion over the animals. Let’s say he did though. Let’s say God, big G, said hey humans. Here, have these. Now, if you had a pet dog, and you left it in the hands of your neighbour while you went away for a bit, would you not feel just a tiny bit let down if you returned to find that your dog had been killed? So, if God did give humans dominion over the earth, where does it say he gave it to us so that we could abuse them? Where does it say, “Humans, have dominion over all and fucking murder everything, all of my creations! That’s what I want! I am a masochist, take all of my beautiful creatures and abuse and kill them all!” That’s not in the bible, right? Did I miss that bit? I did go to a school where the bible was some kinda deal but all I really remember is he’s got the whooole world in his hands he’s got the whole wide woorrrrld – damnit, gonna be in my head for days.

I know how all that looks up there, an attack on the bible and its associated religions. It isn’t, not in that way, anyway. It’s on interpretations of things and how that can be used in awful ways. It’s also my anger about animals that aren’t considered “cute” by the masses being overlooked.

Yeah, I just found out about the guy who swung a snake around while screaming and then got bitten. Then I learned about these cults and the animal abuse that they practice IN THE NAAAAME OF THE LORD. I’m pissed, and I’m even more annoyed that if I’m reading correctly, and I hope I’m not, that they are protected in places because religion can’t be impeded upon. I hate that. As far as I’m concerned, kindness always always comes above religion, religion does not rule over law, law rules over religion.

Snakes. Anyway, snakes. No, first, axolotls. One reason why I get so worked up over animals not considered cute enough to care about is because I saw it. I love my axolotls, they’re wonderful and fascinating and brilliant creatures. I watched people walk past an axolotl that was being eaten alive by the other axolotls because they weren’t being fed properly. It had no arms or legs, and when I called over an assistant to, you know, point this out. He prodded it and told me it was dead, oh no, it isn’t, it’s alright though, they grow them back, he says. If that had been a cute fluffy bunny, a kitten, a puppy, you get it, in an enclosure, missing its god damn limbs, you think groups of people would be just looking in and then walking on by? No. This angered me then and it still angers me now. Just because something isn’t “cute” does not mean it doesn’t deserve our kindness or respect. We are supposed to be the best of the best when it comes to animals on this earth, we need to stop letting ourselves down.

If these bastard cults were shaking puppies and screaming and throwing them around, thousands upon thousands would be calling for this to end. Surely?* I know that a lot of people were certainly on the snakes side online at least! But, if it weren’t a snake would more be done to make it illegal? These snakes, are starved, dehydrated, frozen, suffer abuse after abuse and for what? Because insane people think that there are demons inside of them? They actually think that they are testing their faith (their goodness? Ha!) by attacking an animal that they think is a demon? IT’S A FUCKING SNAKE. It knows no more of your demons than your children do until you fill their heads with this nonsense.

And hell, they must really doubt their faith and their goodness if they’re weakening the snakes as much as possible before going anywhere near them. If there is a god, he’d think them cowards and he’d think them frauds. Testing their faith in him with snakes that have been weakened, as to not show the full failings of their belief.

This is a rant. It goes off in all directions I’m sure. But I fucking hate that because of our narrative, because of the ability of story tellers, certain animals have become seen as evil. Be afraid of dangerous animals, but don’t put our human flaws onto them. Don’t abuse them to show your allegiance with God. It’s the equivalent of me swinging a snake around my head and screaming FOR MOWGLI! I’m so tired of word of mouth giving animals unnecessary reputations. I mean, damn, when I first got my ferrets I was warned about how vicious they would be, not could be, but would be.


Yeah, if you don’t ever damn handle them and leave them in a cage where you just push food in every now and again.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no saint, I do a lot wrong and I’m ignorant to a lot of stuff. This is just something I care about a lot, animals regardless of whether they’re fluffy or not, being given the same regard as kittens and puppies.

I’ll stop angry typing here. Just, for fucks sake, leave the snakes alone. Or, hell, if you’re going to prove your faith, get the biggest baddest deadliest healthiest snake and sleep next to it for a week. Come out unscathed and obviously you have been blessed by … nothing, you got lucky, mother fucker. Ugh. MORONS.


*If there is something being done to protect the snakes from these people, please show me where. I can’t find anything as of yet. I’ve seen it’s banned in some states.

8 thoughts on “For the love of snakes”

  1. We are on the same page here Arbie. I feel just as you do – and I love snakes too.
    Further, I not only see that all the mistreated and misunderstood creatures of the world ( snakes, insects, sharks and so on and so on) are just as beautiful as the ‘cute’ animals but I see the variation in living things as inherently beautiful in itself.
    There is a line in the movie ‘Alien’ where Ash says he admires the creature’s purity. I often wondered if I am the only person who understands his point.
    Great post my friend. Stay angry – it beats being depressed. Hugs.

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    1. Alien is one of my favourite films, the series are really! And, oddly, I have a fascination with xenomorphs and find them amazing!

      I completely agree, and honestly I find these animals as adorable as the stereotypical ones. It angers me no end when animals are abused and harmed because of our flaws and even more so when little is done because they aren’t one many care about. Like spiders… I mean for heavens sake for what reason do you need to kill a spider? If it’s deadly and it’s going to kill you or whatever then maybe… but for example, the majority of spiders in the UK are harmless little buggers and yet so many kill them! Anyway, always happy to meet a kindred spirit. x 🙂


  2. I smiled all the way through this – not so much about what you were writing about – just about the way the thoughts come tumbling out – because it reminded me of ME lol. And yes – I agree with just about everything you wrote too.

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  3. I appreciate the way you think! Since ancient times snakes represented wisdom (see Egyptian art with snakes at the third eye location). I don’t dismiss possibilities, but just maybe if there were an Eve tempted by a serpent, maybe it was a visual parable, for lack of a better description, conveying the temptation/craving to know wisdom. Meh, what do I know? Non-humans are the most beautiful in my opinion. I even have a bug glass with which I transport cute home-intruders outside. Bugs are better than a lot of humans. I have actually observed them have reasoning skills!

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    1. Hi Dawn!

      First of all, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. I very much like you’re idea of how (if any of it were true) it was a craving for wisdom. I also agree about animals! Would you believe I began (I’m not exactly good at staying on track) my MA final discussing compassion for “ugly” animals through literature (I plan to write posts on this once the book in question is further along) – spiders, to be exact. So, spiders, bugs, snakes, toads… if people generally think it’s ugly, I like it! Haha. Then again, some so called ugly animals I just can’t understand how they were ever seen as such… the aye-aye is one of the most incredible creatures I have ever seen! And the axolotl?! My babies are beautiful in their oddities! You see I’m rambling about this with you because not only do you seem like-minded, but I went on over to your blog and saw that you have a bearded dragon. I have wanted a bearded dragon for SO long! They are adorable, and they really know how to draw you in! Your blog looks brilliant and informative, so if the time is ever right for me to seriously consider one, I now know I have a great source of information. In the mean time, I look forward to your posts! Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughts. 🙂


      1. I’m just thankful you dedicated time to reply, and in this awesomely kind way!! Thank you so very much for that compliment! If you get that Dragon & end up with a question, I don’t know all that others do, but will be very happy to help if I can. Yep, we agree, there are no ugly animals or insects… perhaps alien-looking, but not ugly. I too look forward to your posts.


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