[playing] Elizabeth

The moon was dull in comparison to her skin, nothing but a glare against her cheek to illuminate her even more to the night. Elizabeth stared with the same intensity that she felt her heart beat. Haunting, that was all she could think looking upon this woman. This would be someone who would haunt her for the rest of her life unless she spoke to her tonight. Her hand was pushed down upon the table before she could offer a further thought, her attention was only on the woman who flicked her long red hair over her shoulder, laughing with patrons, granting them the attention she knew they craved.

Andreas reached out a hand to grab her own, stop her before she could take another step. She simply shook it free. Only few were outside in the cold evening and she was beside the table of men sooner than she had anticipated. She stood uncertainly, sure that she looked like nothing more than another woman hoping to gain their gaze, but her own was still fixed on the woman.

Despite herself a slight smile twitched across the corner of her mouth when she saw that the woman’s attention was now on her, but at the dip of the woman’s dark eyebrows she realized how menacing she must look; standing only a few inches taller but staring down on her as an animal might prey.

“You’re an odd one,” were the first words to leave the woman’s mouth.

“It comes with the territory,” Elizabeth replied, short of any other answer.

At this, one of the men laughed. “Got a gravedigger friend, Ada? That’s an odd bunch and don’t look too different from this one.”

Ada, a name. Elizabeth reached her hand down to take the man’s drink, took a fast swig from it and placing it back said, “Not my chosen profession, but if it were I’d be digging a few fresh pits tonight.”

A wink told the man she was done speaking, the lifting of her lips to show her pointed incisors and canines beside them told him that he, too, was done speaking.

Instinctively Ada pushed a hand to her neck and stepped back. “Not a friend of mine,” she said to the men, one of which had mistakenly shown his intentions by wrapping fingers, knuckles cracked with winter, around the dagger that he wore at his hip. Ada, seeing this, took her hand and moved it to Elizabeth’s arm, “Not yet, that is. We’re always more than pleased to serve those of Famine. Please come inside.”

4 thoughts on “[playing] Elizabeth”

  1. I enjoyed the drama and suspense you were able to instill into your story. I could feel the tensions bubbling ……… I’m not sure about the word ‘Famine’ in the last line, and in what context it is used…??

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    1. Thanks, Ivor! I’m doing these playing things as worldbuilding to prepare the characters for their books. In this, and the KDD world, Famine is the mother of vampires and so the people associate them with her. Well, for now. It might change! Haha! So the end sentence would make sense if this was where it should be – about a quarter of the way through the book Elizabeth, I’d estimate it, anyway! Sorry for any confusion!


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