Oh, wahey, it has a title of titles!

Geeeeeeee whizz!

My lord, how long I’ve wanted to say that. The whole of about ten seconds when I said it and then thought ha, I liked that. I suppose I only wrote it though… okay, now I’ve said it.

I’m writing this to keep the fingers twitching and the brain engaged because writing about mental health is almost a way in its own right to click your brain into compulsions. So, right after posting that last post I’m going to talk about the LitRPG I’m writing.

I actually just today while making a cuppa tea… how often do you have ideas while making a cuppa? Or getting any drink for that matter? I always thought I was breaking up writing by getting a drink because I was bored and wanted to move, but maybe it’s also a moment to disengage the brain from the physical act of writing but while still in the story engage back to only imagination?

Anyway, while getting a drink I realized I had a trilogy name for the LitRPG all along – Meet Me in Another World! I’m not sure anyone will remember but it was actually a series that I wanted to write about video games you can play with a long-distance partner. I do, honestly, still plan to write this, but it seemed like the perfect name for the trilogy given it’s premise.

World-building has been fun for it. I’m writing it for my fiancé because he loves those stories and he’s been in a bit of a rut lately. But, because I can’t keep a secret, I actually told him my plan. Hard not to when he’s wondering why I’m asking so much about what kind of class/race he’d be if he woke up in a video game! Instead of my world-building alone, we’re enjoying talking about different classes and races and ideas. I’ve greeted him in the morning a few times with things like “Hey! I had an idea for an alliance!” and it’s sparked into a discussion of what if this and what if that. I’m going to be doing the same thing in ten minutes when I wake him for work.

Admittedly, I am a control freak and so I can get a bit fussy over his input, mostly down to it being uncharted grounds to have someone involved and having a say in my world-building, also I’m sure a dash of arrogance, but since it’s for him it is important to listen if there is anything he would really like to see in the world. I’m writing that as though I’m telling you that but really I’m trying to drill it into my head. Stop. Being. So. Bloody. Stubborn.

I’m really eager to start using World Anvil, for some reason I thought that it had a section for fantasy writers already but I can’t see one. It’s just RPG so D&D dms I’m guessing. I’m still going to use it though because a LitRPG has elements of well, rpgs!

One reason why it’s so much fun. I’ve always wanted to write across different platforms and media. Often when imagining a story I’d get carried away with how it could also be a sim, or a VN, or even – in my most ambitious ideas – a murder mystery that was to take place over Twitter set in the universe of a trilogy of mystery books I was planning. Hilariously, the murderer had been somewhat based on my now fiancé (he knows this) when he was my best mate.

World Anvil will be a big help though I think, because the book is set within a faction based MMO and so trying to keep track of which races (especially when it’s by subrace that their faction allegiance is based) are allied with which and against which will be hard to keep in this noggin alone and for whatever reason putting it on Word or writing it in a notepad isn’t massively helpful either.

I’m not sure how many of you know what I’m talking about at this point, but what do you use to keep track of this stuff? For KDD it was all pantsed and in my head (not great some years later when I’m now trying to write its sequel).

Sorry, this really is rambling but I need to fill the white noise with this for the next few minutes because I can feel my brain trying to pull in another direction and I don’t want to just try and sleep to avoid it. Too many lost years already.

Come to think of it, do any of you like fantasy? If you do, any favourite books or authors or films or music or video games? I’ve been listening to a really good YouTuber lately. So lovely:

Hope you’re all well and that this ramble made some sense!

Arbie x

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