[PROMPT] Curses

[WP] Every person is cursed in a some way, but no one knows about it. Some curses are minor, others are significant – your curse is that you know everything – but can’t tell anyone, no matter how you try.




I was spending my lunch break doing what had become a normal habit for the past 4 weeks, guessing bra sizes. Well, not really guessing, I knew what they were. It’s not that I’m perverse, I’m just… staring at women’s chests?

Now, I know how that sounds. The thing is though, when you know everything, you need a distraction and it needs to be one that keeps you away from seeing all the rubbish people are going through and inflicting upon each other. Counting how many 36B’s I’d seen that day was a much better pastime than recognising the woman was cheating on her spouse and there was nothing I could do about it. Trust me, in a meddling moment of the past I had approached a couple, and unable to say the words, I had instead spent 5 long minutes making thrusting movements while pointing at the wife and every man that sat in close proximity. I still avoid that coffee shop.

Anyway, I found myself quite genius for discovering this break away, but knew that I was pretty stupid since it had taken thirty-two years to figure out.

I leaned forward and pulled a sandwich out of my shopping bag, adjusting my skirt once I shuffled back onto the bench. “Real cheese” it said on the label, I grunted. It was about as real as the playdough cheese I’d make when playing pretend as a kid. I’d probably rather eat that too.

Shovelling the pointed end of the sandwich into my mouth, I paused. A woman, (30B, for the record) jogged towards me and although in a split second she was some way past me, it wasn’t before I’d seen the white mass in her chest.

Nooo, was my first thought. A selfish thought of can’t I even find peace in this? Almost in rebellion of these thoughts I was up on my feet and clomping with the grace of a drunken gazelle after her. If not for her headset, she would absolutely have heard me – as it appeared, every other passer-by did.

Unable to focus, my head swam with the curses that surrounded them in a misty haze. A man doomed to outlive every woman he intends to marry – no points for guessing their curses; a woman set to fail every time she believed in herself, success only coming when all hope is lost, and only if it can beat the bullet; a child, no, whoever did this to us, they are evil; another woman, a grin on her face, watching me run, clear of mist and gone before I could look again.

In my own haze I stumbled to the ground, reaching out my arm and yanking on the end of the jogger’s long fair pony tail.

Her head jerked back, her expression one ready to fight, but in seeing that I was a mess of flailed legs and arms on the floor she instead reached a hand down to help me up.

I know that I should have reached back for her hand, but seeing the mass in her chest, my eyes locked firmly onto it, and just like how sometimes when something catches our attention on the side of the road we steer towards it… well, I think you understand.

She stepped back before my hand could touch her.

“What the hell is your problem?”

I leaned back on my elbows, blew out some of the chill air that had flooded my chest while I’d been running, and before she could turn away spat out, “Your breasts remind me of my ex-girlfriend’s!”

I’ll never forget that stare.

What if she already knew?

“She had breast cancer.”

Or the way her lip lifted as though looking at something repulsive.

“I’m selling pink ribbons to raise awareness.”

Her eyes looked to my hands, to the lack of a bag on the ground.

I don’t think she does.

“Okay, well I will be. Would you like to pre-order one?”

She turned and continued jogging, the mass in her chest now a heavy weight on my own. I might not have been selling awareness ribbons in that moment, but would I be from then on.

I’d be having second thoughts on the attempted groping though.


Reddit prompt found here!

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