See ya September!

Helllooooooo dear!

It is the end of September which means it is very soon to be the start of October! Wahey! Do you have Halloween plans? Plan to enter through an otherworldly portal this Samhain? Or just eat a lot of treats that maybe possibly should have been for the children but THEY’RE MINE DAMNIT, GIVE ME THAT SNICKERS.

Ahh, it’s the best.


Well, although this post quickly became about food what it is supposed to be about is September! I’m excited to write this post because I once wrote a post about all the fun things I planned to do and then depression killed that idea with a giant Sloth named Barry but… this past month, I’ve actually been one of the doing things folk!

I know, I know, that this stuff will just seem like normal things and what’s the big deal, but for me it’s pretty huge. If you’re new to my whining then I’ll quickly mention that mental illness sapped away everything I enjoyed. I actually keep mentioning depression but it was OCD and the thoughts and follow up compulsions that in the end really killed hobbies. Hard to concentrate on anything when your mind is asking you 50 times a minute “Are you sure you locked the door?” and then when you follow that compulsion and you’re at that door for an hour… wooooohheeeeee. That’s just one of the bastards but we SMITE YOU DOWN WITH THE POWER OF ODIN. Bad, OCD, go to your corner. This is happy hour.


For the readers!

This month I finished three books and *checks goodreads* one comic. You can see what I thought of them over here, but I’ll also briefly say what they were here.



I’m a big fan of C.J.Sansom and have loved all of the Shardlake novels so far. This one let me down though, there was an awful lot of not a lot happening and when things were happening it wasn’t with that same *turn page faster* intrigue that I felt with the previous books. That being said, I can’t wait for Tombland and I think with a new and fascinating chapter of history he’ll have a blast and the story will be brilliant and please let it be pleaseeee.



I don’t have a lot to say about this book because it really wasn’t very good. Even though I have been a victim (victim I tell ya!) of insta-love, I know it for what it is – infatuation. And it wasn’t marked by lots of eye gazing and “I will die for youuuuu!” it was getting to know one another and awesomeness fun times and magic clicking (sounds like we were both giant tarantulas) and then learning the good the bad and the ugly and deciding I love this person despite all that. He also wasn’t a wolf that I’d been fantasizing about since I was a kid. BUT because I am a writer too and I don’t want to just be plain mean about a book (and that insta-love rant was much more about the trope in general than to do with Shiver) the reason I really didn’t enjoy this book was not a lot happened when there was the potential for a lot to happen. I’m talking werewolves running riot, attacking school kids, kids coming back from the dead as wolves but we’re going to spend our time being in love. Book wasn’t my kinda book. Writing was at times pretty damn lovely though, so I’m going to give her more recent novels a go!


Little Fires Everywhere

Uh, I was about to write “this was a slow-moving book and that was a bit boring at times” and then I realized it’s me. I have the problem! I like things where things are happening damnit! But, no, well, yes. In Little Fires Everywhere the writing is very well crafted and the plot comes together at the end in such a beautiful way. I’m glad I stuck it out because admittedly it took until Mia’s story for me to really start finding what was happening (or any of the characters for that matter) interesting. I could see the book for what it was (a social commentary) on top of it being for enjoyment, but I still need that mmpf, you know, that mmmpfff to keep me reading, to keep going. Thankfully it came in and it paid off to finish the book. I started the book not really wanting to go back to it but stayed up prettttyyyy late to eagerly get to the end. I also find myself wanting a sequel (I doubt there’ll be one) so I must have got attached to the characters. Izzzzzzzy.



I started reading this when it came out as a single issue but after that first one I didn’t go back for more. Not because it wasn’t good, I just didn’t. It was 3 years ago and I don’t remember why anymore, get off my back, sheesh! I’m glad that I decided to continue reading it though because I thought the witches in wytches were freakin’ awesome! I could have done without how it ended because it was a little, I don’t know. It just wasn’t creepy anymore and I didn’t really want a hero – but that’s just me, it doesn’t mean it was a bad graphic novel by any means. It was actually pretty awesome – the writing and the art. I loved this to be honest.


For the gamers

Where are all the video games? Didn’t I play anything but pokemon go this month? I don’t think I did… TEAM INSTINCT!


For the writers

I’m going to be having another play experiment with marketing in October so I’ll let you know how that goes. Since I messed up so badly with KDD I want to make sure with the release of my next books that I don’t do the same again – you know, not marketing. Not a great move. I’m getting a feel for it in my own time and seeing what results it brings in – and then I’ll share what I learn with you!

I’ve been taking part in the writing prompt subreddit and I have to say it is awesome for prompts, seriously fun. I’ve only written in three of them but I’ve found myself buzzing with a story in mind while reading them as well. Highly recommend it for people after more than a single word prompt.

I’m still worldbuilding for the litrpg I’m working on. Most of the races are now in place and a map is coming together nicely. Classes will be fun (and by fun I mean time consuming) because we’re having class branches that go up to 80. So, class within class within class and why didn’t I just go with holy, discipline and shadow? If you know what that is then you are probably a kindred spirit.

I started writing The Gremlin Princes and it sucked so I scrapped it and I’ll start again once I actually have a real character working the plot and not one I made up.

I’ve been writing every day though (one reason I’m writing this actually – and early! I’m never early! It’s the 29th!) which I plan to stick to. If what you read is jumbled or whatever, I’m sorry. I’m writing whether or not my head is fuzzy because at least I can get words down when it’s not too bad and it keeps the bad voice shit away.

What else with writing… oh I tried my hand at poetry and Christ… yikes… eek. What happened there, old friend? Although I kind of blame you guys since you’re all such badass poets and I feel like the kid who tripped over in the dining hall spilling her milk but snorting up to you anyway and saying “Can I sit heeere?” ahahah. I’m just not a poet.

What else? I think that’s it… oh, Queens Never Die is shaping up quite nicely now I’ve stopped stressing over the English Civil War and moved the story forward to avoid the character shouting over gunfire and pretending like it’s not happening.

“You have been…ahem” *phew, bang, boom! “You have been-“ BANG!”

“Are you trying to say I have been charged with-“ BAAAABOOOOOOM!

“Seriously when will this-“ BOOOOOM

Ceska holds out her hands, willing the witch finder to take her prisoner. She knew that he would never be able to say what he longed to, and that she would not hear it over the sound of gunfire that was coming from all around them but because the author didn’t want to read all the tomes on the English civil war those booms are also not being described so we are in here with battles happening and we have no idea why and you know what, “writer”? that’s really sucky. Marge almost had her leg blown off last night and all you could do was talk about the herbs that grew down Vicarage Lane. Damn right you are moving the story forward and damn right it will work better for the plot! Chump!

If anyone is still here, I applaud you. I’m talking grammy winner style applause.


For the animal lovers

You may have seen a post a made asking that you sign a petition. Thank you so much to those that did! With the attention that’s been brought on the subject by Ricky Gervais I’m hopeful something will be done – or at least, it will be brought back to the attention of the public and also those that can do something about it. If you want to know what I’m talking about, it’s to bring an end to fur farming in Ireland and you can sign the petition here: click me! No gory images, but one of an animal in a cage. It only needs a few hundred more signatures. If there’s one thing I love it’s weasels (and of course, it is hardly just mustelids that are treated so horrifically for their fur), if there is one thing I hate it is fur farming and if there’s one thing I want to see by end of in my short time on earth it is the end of it.

The petition only needs 650 more signatures! Be one of those?


For the learners

I’ve been delving into the land of free online courses and the two that I opted to study this month on future learn are Irish 101 and England in the time of Richard III. Both are proving to be interesting and both are also proving to be fairly brain wrangling! Irish 101 I was mostly interested in culture and so I’ve enjoyed those parts a lot. The language is absolutely fascinating but also the hardest language I’ve ever tried to learn. I’ve played with Japanese, Norwegian, Korean, and French. Although I didn’t get too far with any of them (usual flit here and their behaviour) they were all a lot easier in their beginnings than Irish has been. I will need a lot longer than a few weeks to grapple even the basics of it!

And no, I don’t remember much of any of the other languages other than to read katakana and hiragana because it looks neat! Sieve brain, weeeeee!

England in the time of Richard the III of course was very complicated due to the different power plays for the throne; GoT anyone? Haha! But, my folks and family are from Yorkshire and it’s where I would like to move should I get the chance to return to England to live (I’ve not mentioned it much but I’m currently going through the visa process to get married and live in USA). No points for guessing why I set KDD in York! 😛 A place which if you haven’t visited I cannot recommend enough! All this garble to say, white rose o’er here. For the record, I enjoy all roses equally! Anyway! This course is most interesting, and also confusing when learning who went where and did what and killed who.


For the watchers!

Haha, I think this must be one of my favourites. Ayyyoooooo watchers, what you watching for? Huh? We can all hang out with some binoculars down the shop! Not sure why down the shop, stalking for donut buyers? Oh yes oh yes!

What have I watched this month? Hmm…

I watched Black Panther! It was good, I liked it! The costume was awesome, loved that!

I watched Good Girls, which was freakin’ awesome. My god that was a good show. I can’t wait for season 2. I’m partially bias though because ever since Parks and Rec I love Retta. Need me more Retta.

Ooooh, Parks and Recreation. I’m near the end of it now and I don’t want it to end, please don’t make it go. I actually can’t tell you how much I love that show because me typers are getting tired (people with long nails, you know that feeling where the top of your nail is just slightly pushing off the keyboard while you type and it feels euurghghh just gross – yeah, that) and so is my brain. But Parks and Rec is so bloody brilliant and hilarious, and I especially love the friendships between the characters – Leslie and Ann wooo!


I’m going to wrap this up here although there might be something I’m missi- oh yeah, also watched some anime again! Bananya (because why not? It’s adorable) and Asobi Asobase (which is pretty damn funny) oh and Kakuriyo but I’m not sure I’ll continue that last one because my patience for idiot girl characters is very thin and lady you wanted a way to make money so why are you shrieking whaaaaaaat when it’s suggested to you that you run the restaurant? Pfft. Be a boss.

The End!

Haha, ooooh, you thought it was over did you?! Mwahahaha! Well, it is, I just felt bad saying the end and leaving it there. So rude, you know? Like the friend who doesn’t say bye on the phone but just says “see you at 8” and then hangs up and how would I know about this friend, I don’t have friends and my ferret wakes up at 6 to come out and play so she is running terribly late if she’s making it 8, I mean, you know what Pandooks? Some of us have lives (not me, but some of us) and we can’t just hang around for an extra two hours while you do what you gotta do. If we say 6, we make it 6! Okay, fine, 8 is fine, you’re in charge here.

Aaaaand now I’m that friend who while they are at the door to go just won’t go no matter how many times you say “Okay… sure… that’s great… see you then…”



I love you!

Buh bye now!






16 thoughts on “See ya September!”

    1. Thank you! I’m impressed haha, it’s a long ass ramble for sure!

      Favourite book of all time? Damn… Inclined to say a choose your own adventure Beauty and the Beast book I had as a kid, that was awesome. I think I’ll go with my usual answer of Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett though. You? 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The Third Twin by Ken Follet…came at a time I needed it lol and it was the only book near my bedside table during that troubling time; good memories 🙂


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