Hallooowwwwweeeennnn Weeeeekkkeeennnnd OOoOooOoooooOOoooo

I think. Is it Halloween weekend? I mean fireworks were going off but that might be people confused and thinking it’s bonfire night… then again that will happen for the next 4 months.

Anyway! I love horror, I love being scared, and I love Halloween because it means I get to communicate with spirits without people thinking I’m weird. You do it in June you’re strange, October is fine! Kinda like bringing complete trees into the house at Christmas. Imagine doing that any other month? Hey, love, I saw this giant fir tree in the woods and thought it would look darling with your new table wear. What you think?

Eh heh heh.

So what have we been up to for spooky time?

I finished watching The Haunting of Hill House which was unbelievable. Have you seen it? If not, are you planning to? I’m not going to write in detail about it because spoilers are the devil but for me it was horror done right. Episode two waned a little and I was worried after episode 1 being such a strong start that it was destined to go down hill from there but oh no, oh no no no, it was brilliant. I know that it is based on a book but I haven’t read it. I plan to though because I feel like I’m going through a bad break up now the show is over. I miss it! That’s when you’ve been told a good story, isn’t it? When you miss being there.

Not that I’d ever want to be actually there there because you know, I’m prone to crazy tendencies so who knows what ghosts could convince me to do.

I’ve also watched The Watcher (uncomfortable word order there), Killer Legends, Haunted and a film that I can’t remember the name of and how to you find a list of stuff you’ve watched on Netflix?

Killer Legends was interesting. I’ve always loved hearing ghost stories or local legends and the show described where some may have originated. I didn’t quite agree with the idea that we create urban legends because real life horror is too frightening – I think we create them much like we do any folklore, it’s a warning. I also wasn’t too sure why they were acting as though it was odd that across schools and states kids would be telling similar urban legends in a time when there wasn’t internet. Did they never sit round with cousins etc and tell ghost stories? Or write letters to pen pals? That’s how this stuff spread, it wasn’t because there really was a killer clown in each state! Honestly, some of my fondest childhood memories are sitting with family and telling scary stories. I still will ask my fiancé to tell me a ghost story when we’re lying in bed sometimes haha.

Haunted was okay but really it was only the first episode that was pretty damn scary, but when the second one rolled around I had a really, really hard time believing that it was a true story (as they all were stated to be). I’ll feel awful if it is but there were too many aspects to it that led me to believe if it were true then the people telling it would end up questioned by police – bits to do with destroying evidence of murders and refusing to say where bodies were buried. That can’t be real, surely.

As for the other film that I watched it was an interesting idea where a kid steals some rocks from the grand canyon (I think) that were placed there by native american’s to lock away some evil spirits. It kind of started to not be so neat as the film continued though and there weren’t any frightening moments. I’d consider myself easily scared so that’s saying something.

Hmm, I’m now trying to think if I have any favourite horror stories/films/local legends.

I should do a write up account of my experiences with sleep paralysis. Did I mention that I’ve heard whatever it is my brain is conjuring up in those moments say things now? Not a lot, but some things. OooOOoooo.

Another off-thought, you know when I started this blog I also started another called Coven Heath where I wrote horror reviews. It was mostly so I could keep track of what I had seen and liked. I used to watch horror to help me fall asleep so I’ve seen a fair amount. But, it’s also where the text on this blog’s home page originated – the stuff about the handy man and the hotel and don’t go in room 336. Along with reviews I also posted horror shorts and intended to make the blog the hotel Coven Heath. I’ll get around to writing that stuff at some point.

Oh yeah, so local legends…hmm…I’m pretty sure we had our own grey lady but the one that stands out the most is that the reason one of the windows on a pub is sealed up is because someone hanged themselves in that room and the ghost would appear. Or something like that. There really is one window sealed up with bricks but I’m not sure the actual reason.

I think for now I’m going to go with my favourite horror film being The Conjuring. I know I should probably say a classic of some sort but The Conjuring is what usually comes to mind!

For the rest of Halloween I’ll be making a start on watching the new Sabrina and also watching Deliver us from Evil.

Are you watching anything spooky this Halloween? Are you dressing up? Or are you just barricading the door from trick or treaters and sealing the chimney from ghosts? That’s where they come in, right?!



12 thoughts on “Hallooowwwwweeeennnn Weeeeekkkeeennnnd OOoOooOoooooOOoooo”

    1. The ending was so brilliant! I’m not sure if you know the game Alan Wake but the beginning of the ending (sounds a bit weird!) reminded me a lot of that game – really added to how much I was hooked!

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    1. Yesss! You know as much as I loved it too I keep calling it different things haha. Haunting of the House, Haunting of the House on the Hill etc. Seriously, brain, how hard is it! Haha. Did you have a favourite character? I think I liked most of them (esp Luke and Liv) but not really Shirley!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I had to look it up to make sure it was the same thing I was thinking but yes I have seen The Haunting! The little homage bit in the show of “you’re squeezing my hand too tight” eeeeeep!!


  1. Australia is not big on Halloween, which is a shame because as a holiday it sure beats Christmas! The new Halloween film is due to be released here this week in cinemas, so I’ll probably go see that!

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    1. Oh that sucks especially when you have those awesome pins like you’ll wear a different colour when they make a darker shade of black! Haha! It is you that has that, right? I’m preparing to bury my head in the sand. And oooh that film supposedly did really well. Hope you write a review if you do go see it! xxxxx


  2. Never mind all this wonderful chitter chatter which is terribly endearing and hilarious (and by the way I love horror but can’t watch it anymore because I get super scared waaaaaaay AFTER watching it and I can’t cope with the PTSD!)

    This year’s costume please, ASAP.

    Loving you, sexy


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I know what you mean! I can be all walking the walk and then when I wake up in the middle of the night I’m suddenly very aware of the monsters in the film and thinking they’re sneaking around! Urrrfff I didn’t have a costume! I’ll pull a wig on and my Slytherin headband! Did you dress up? xxxx

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