hocuuusss poccuuuussss

Aaaaaaand EXIST!


I’ve been practicing my magic and no matter how hard I try when I wave my hands and shout a word like exist, or create, or become nothing happens. I was really hoping that I’d be able to just magic up some wonderful first chapter for the book I’m about to write so that, you know, I could just sit and eat more jelly beans while a goblin wrote it for me.

But ooooh, tomorrow we begin! How terribly terrifying and awful exciting! I’m going to end up pantsing which is really not something I wanted to do but I’ve left it far too late to try and have all the lore and whatever ready beforehand. I’m okay with it though. At first it really made me panic but then I realised that for one I do better at playing make believe when in the story and two I can continue creating lore as I write.

I think that class creation will be easier also because I’ll be more aware of what spells and abilities will be required in the world when I’m more aware of its make up.

I’ve purposely stayed away from reading any LitRPG because I want to approach this as a fan of both video games and fantasy and see what I make of it. I also don’t want to start doing that thing I do where I worry I’m awful and all of these other books are amazing and I should just throw my pen in. That being said, I so badly want to read The Wandering Inn, it looks amazing!

I think one of the biggest things I’m fretting over is how I want to get it to people once it’s finished. I originally thought of it being a web serial which is the approach a lot of writers in the genre take but I feel a little anxious about that. Maybe it’s just because for me there isn’t much difference between real life and online social interaction – I suck at both. There’s that thing people say isn’t there how online people act braver – and I suppose that’s true to some extent because I at least talk to people on here – but meh, becoming a trapdoor spider sounds nice.

I’m laughing a little to myself now because although I am technically writing myself into the story I know what kind of character I would really be. If you ever read it and there’s a cranky person living in a hut in some decaying enchanted forest, yeah, halloooo, that’ll be me.

Oh bugger. One thing I really need to get done today is at least print out and prepare a map so I can see where I want to take Mythril at least. I was doing so well with prep until about a week ago (when MH started to take a turn) and now I’m in a less than desirable situation! In the mud and hanging onto a stick to try and drag myself out.

We’ll see what happens though. I know most of my main characters. Gospel is pretty much sorted now, too. It’s just the rest of it that’s the issue, you know! Haha. It’ll be fineeee, it’ll be funnnn! If not I’ll just gain a lot of weight with all the crisps I eat to distract myself from writing and pretend I’m doing something by staring at the screen.

Oh, in other news! Dooks had a vet visit today because I was worried her ears were a little too waxy and it might be mites. She has a minor ear infection and is being treated for mites as well just in case they are the cause. I’m glad it was caught early because I saw one poor ferret online whose ear infection had him completely off-balance. Dooks never got to that point but she is seriously unhappy about the anti-mite/flea stuff she’s had put on by the vet and the ear drops. Poor girl would not settle for about an hour after she got home – there’s been no physical reaction that I can see, she’s just uncomfortable with it.

One of those things where you feel like you’ve caused more harm than good in the beginning but you know it’s best for them.

Oh! It was the same vet who performed the surgery on her tail and she said that Dooks is still in the all clear when it comes to cancer. Christ, did I ever blog about that? I don’t think I mentioned it anywhere. Well, right after my darling little girl Seb passed away Dooks developed a lump on her tail. It came and went and right before I was leaving for Hawaii it came back again, this time it was decided if it didn’t clear up soon she’d be taken to the vet.

I was away for all of this but my dad adores her as well (he had ferrets as a child) and so kept me updated on everything (I think it goes without saying that if she had fallen dangerously unwell I would have been on a flight home). Dooks went in to have the lump removed and it turned out to be a malignant cancer. Admittedly I had been fretting a lot about this lump and so during the week while we waited for the results I spent far too much time researching online and scaring myself silly. The vet was brilliant though and just from the look of the lump once she started to remove it for the biopsy she thought it didn’t look good at all and so took a lot out and around the margins – leaving Dooks now cancer free. For some time after I worried that it was too late and the cancer would have spread – my ferret Kimble had to be put down because of a fast spreading malignant cancer – but after a good few months now and more check ups she’s in the all clear.

I was aware that ferrets could be predisposed to tumours and cancers but my god… I have had 3 ferrets and all 3 of them have had cancer. It took two of my little girls but thankfully Dooks is healthy and still with us. I remember when I lost Seb asking what I was doing wrong and why this was happening. I was told by each vet that there was nothing I could do differently to prevent it. This was both comforting and worrying.

I think I’ll be looking into Dooks getting the chip that helps prevent adrenal. Kib had it for some time and Seb was given it when she started showing signs of adrenal and it worked really well – it was insulinoma that weakened my little girl in the end. Although I hate saying weakened because she was such a tough little madame and when the medication helped prevent the tremors she’d at times seem like there was nothing wrong! Aha, inspiring baby girl. 😊

Anyway, before I start doting on about my ferrets (although it’s hard because they’re wonderful) I’ll stop typing.

Hope you’re all well.

Arbie x

P.S Happy Halloween!

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      1. It’s going good – I’m heading towards halfway slowly – with a bit of a push today, I might hit 25K words. I’m trying to get ahead, because I know I’ll lose days at some point.

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