Ey, oh! Eevee, Let’s Go!

I actually planned to write a different blog post, one that is a little bit more of an update on where I’ve been and so on, usual come back stuff – not quite as cool as Backstreet Boys singing Backstreet’s Back though. I think I even started to write it in my head a little last night – you know, in that place where you consider yourself a literary and unique genius where all ideas are original and brilliant. In actuality I was probably thinking about ostriches and liquorice bears, although who can argue that liquorice bears are anything but a stroke of sheer genius? Mmmm, liquorice.

I’m back in Hawaii for a few weeks, for the last time now! I’d say that I have a lot of plans every day but other than shouting “Dude, shurrup!” at my fiancé right this moment as he says aloud everything he is doing on Pokemon – catch your caterpie in peace, my man! Ahaha – I don’t have a lot on today. We decided for a lazy day after the utter shambolic trip I had over and then busy Gremlin Prince business. I must say that missed flights suck, even more so on Christmas Eve when they’re the last flight of the night. I might post about all this another day, but honestly, it was really stressful so probably better just kicked into oblivion for now. I will say that the two women who helped me were utterly amazing though. I hope those ladies got all the candy canes and treats for Christmas.

As for the Gremlin Prince comment I made up there, does anyone remember the colony of cats we found last time I was out here? We managed to catch 5 of the kittens and spent a long time trying to get them fit for ops and vaccinations. Well, two days after I got back we managed to get 4 of the 5 of them neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FIV (all clear!) so waaaaahey! They’re recovering really well which is brilliant. I’ll have to post pictures of them – they are of course, much bigger now!

Unfortunately, Fenrir is still a little too unwell for his vaccinations and op (we were advised not to risk him getting the op and vaccinations at the moment because the stress will lower his immune system) so we’re working on helping him get better still. In the meantime, he is lodging in our bedroom and absolutely loving it… while driving us mad! I’ve woken up with him on my head, from him walking around the room singing his best version of the song of his people, and testing his paws for the kitty Olympics.

Oh, I just got stumped on what to say next, or at least stared at the screen a little too long to watch my fiancé run around on Let’s Go, Pikachu! chasing weedles. He just had a pidgey crisis where after spending an amount of time I won’t disclose here on trying to up his catch combo to increase his chances of getting a shiny a second too long glance away left one fleeing from him and resetting his counter. Aaah well, now for revenge on weedles I suppose! I know, I know that I titled this Let’s Go, Eevee and he is playing Pikachu so what is this tricksy hobbitses business? but, it’s because for Christmas he bought me Let’s Go, Eevee – which I love. I wasn’t sure about the pokemon being out and about at first but it’s pretty neat. It’s a lot easier than past Pokemon games, but it’s nice to relax to so no complaints here! Plus, you can have a pokemon follow you around – a mechanic I loved in Heart Gold – and you can chat to them, so, all the gold stars for that!

I get that this blog post is going here and there, but it’s been a while! A lot piled on top in life so I haven’t been writing much in general lately. If I’m a bit rusty – it’s life, what can ye do?

I’ll shush here. I’m hoping to go swimming soon – I went yesterday and I was pretty proud of myself for not drowning, learning the basics, you know! I want to get myself active again after that awful depression I went through left me incredibly unfit, and so with getting some claim back on my mind I’m also getting it back over my body too. It can be a vicious cycle down, but once you start running back up that spiral staircase it can be a pretty sweet. Especially when you lean over the railings and see how far you’ve come and what you’ve left behind. I’m sure this was supposed to be deep but I was distracted by liquorice bears and a wild Bulbasaur appearing.

I hope you’re all well and had a wonderful Christmas in whatever shape that takes!

Arbie X



Doing this now


P.P.S For added fun sing “am I sexual” while impersonating Sean Connery – am I shexuaalll

11 thoughts on “Ey, oh! Eevee, Let’s Go!”

  1. Great to hear from you Arbie, I’ve been out of action sick for so long I know not what day it is, whether it’s night or day, does the sun set in the east or the west, and I’m never sure if it’s dinner or breakfast that I’m craving for. Loved the song Arbie, I’ll send you this Aussie one for the new year !!

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    1. Aaaah, Australia always looks so amazing! Thank you for sharing the video and the song. So sad to hear you’re not doing well. If there’s anything I can do to help please let me know. Even if it’s well wishes or finding out a local witch to hold hostage until you feel better again. xxxx

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      1. Yes that witch the bitch, I thought I’d chucked her out at sea. Maybe holding her hostage would help !! Thanks Arbie, they’ve got till Easter to get me fit and firing, I’m off to New York and Philadelphia on 24th April 😍😁

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      2. Oooooh exciting!!! Depending on whatever happens with our situation (it’s all up in the air!) I might be in New York state around then! I hope you are better soon!


    1. Heyyy! It sure is! At least that’s what I’ve read as well. A couple of years ago I actually used it as a “positive” with my OCD – although it burned like hell. It was good to see something of a positive result from an obsession and compulsive fix haha. Right now it is a lot more to do with keeping myself moving and active for better mindset and health. I have a very active ferret who looks at me like I suck when I can’t chase her up and down the stairs a dozen or more times haha! You are very active, aren’t you? I’d like to cycle I think!

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