Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom!

Gosh! Wow! Or as Fen would say in Mewlish – MaWOW!

I’ve been to a fair few New Year’s Eve things but I think tonight (note from future Arbie: this is written in the past – it was last night) was possibly one of the most spectacular. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many fireworks going off at once and for quite so long. They’re still blasting away right now, at 1am, and I think they must have started around 1pm!

I posted last night (actually about 4 minutes ago) and in that posted I said we weren’t sure what we would be doing for New Year’s Eve. In the end, we did go to the beach. The same one we ended up at for the 4th July where I saw the biggest and heard the loudest fireworks! But let’s rewind.

The beginning of the day was pretty ordinary. We stayed in and played some video games (Let’s Go, Eevee – EEVOOOY! – in search of the elusive shiny snek) and lounged around for a bit after breakfast. I then did some writing up until the early evening when we went out to get pizza and one of the finest creations in the land – breadsticks. No garlic sauce though, so my belly was only half happy. Half is better than not at all though!

We decided to finally watch a show on Netflix we’ve eyed up over the past couple of days, well it was an episode of a show actually. It was Bandersnatch, the latest episode in Black Mirror. We watched the first three series of Black Mirror some time ago but are yet to get round to the latest series, this episode though we couldn’t resist.

Bandersnatch is a choose your own adventure episode and if you have Netflix and you have access to Black Mirror I can’t recommend you checking this out enough! It’s set in the early eighties and begins with a young man with ambitions of being a game dev. It does go on to become quite unusual and also quite gory or to include horror elements (depending on the choices you make I suppose).

Ruh roh…
We had a lot of fun watching/playing it and decided to use the technique of taking it in turns to double vote each other – whenever we made a choice we didn’t agree on one of us would have a vote worth two and then we’d alternate.

It’s on to us…
We’re both fans of choose your own adventure style anything so I think that added to our enjoyment. It also helps that it was written by Charlie Brooker who in my opinion is quite brilliant!

After playing Bandersnatch I had a nap (because I’m a toddler) and then I was woken up by my fiancé patting me on the back sweetly, and my kitten Fenrir pulling my hair not so sweetly. It’s amazing, we were apart for a number of months and after a few days he’s back into his stride of swinging off my hair.

We got ourselves ready and headed out to the nearest beach. We had driven past there earlier (when out getting pizza) to see if anything was happening. And something was! There were four police cars, lights flashing, and a number of police people standing around. Not quite the something we were looking for so we went home and decided to see if anything was going on later.

It was around 10:30 when we pulled back into the car park and there weren’t many people around so we were a bit worried we’d chosen a bad spot. Nearing 11:30 though (at which point we had admittedly retreated to the car for a little bit to listen to some music and get warm) quite a few people began to show up. Back at the beach we sat back in the same spot we had been in previously and waited on the fireworks.

From where we were sitting we could see across to Waikiki on our left and to our right the residential estate where a number of people were throwing house parties. The fireworks had been going off here and there for hours, but once it hit midnight BOOOOOOM! So many fireworks in all directions! Beautiful reds, greens, golds, and blues! It was an amazing display and I felt incredibly grateful to be able to spend the beginning of the new year on the beach with my fiancé surrounded by all the wonderful colours!

**** here is where I try to insert a video file but I’ve forgotten how and it’s telling me to go premium ****

And now I’m back home! A nightie with a fox image pulled on, my hair still blown this way and that with sand stuck in it, cats everywhere, my fiancé snuggled under the same fleece as me and a hot chocolate with my name on it. Not a bad start to 2019!


I hope everyone had an amazing night/morning/day/Jupiter Spring!




Arbie x

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    1. Happy New Year, Amy! Thank you! I’ll tell him – he’s very proud! After seeing all your wonderful pictures of your lovely cats it’s reminded me I really want to post about mine too! They rule the roost, after all! Haha! Hope you’re well. 🙂 xxxx

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