New Year’s Eve, Day and Away!

So, yesterday we almost set fire to the kitchen. But, it was hilarious! In part of our trying to cook more and be somewhat proper people we were making a Christmas dinner a few days late (I did say only “somewhat”). In the midst of our victory over the potatoes and parsnips my fiancé decided he was going to follow a Jamie Oliver recipe to make Yorkshire Puddings. Now, my entire family are from Yorkshire, my folks moved to where I was born well, before I was born, but I don’t think I’ve ever had homemade Yorkshires.

The batter was mixed and the little compartments in the tray filled with oil. In the oven it went and away we go! We watched as the batter began to rise, there may have even been a high five, and then the oil began to bubble. Soon it was spilling over the edges, some dripped into the tray below where I was roasting potatoes and parsnips, next thing we know and it hits the very hot bar things that I don’t know the name for but they glow and make the cook cook food good. Well, in this instance, they made the cook cook food FLAMES! FIRE! Arrrrgh! We turned off the oven, the flames stopped spitting, we waited, we opened the door and we cleaned it up. All good!

Anticlimactic, eh? Ehehehe.

Well, we thought we were in the clear. Some time later, while I was sitting on the floor by the oven – which is a very smart place to sit if you want to be set on fire – I started to smell smoke. It wasn’t long until the fire alarms were beeping, smoke had filled the kitchen, and we were making a mad rush to shut the damn BEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP BEEEEP up while also throwing open the windows and doors. Finally, the alarm is quiet, the smoke is leaving the room, and then what is that sound why won’t it stop…


At this point, the memory of Atlas (our largest, fattest, and fluffiest cat) rushing around the house screaming came to mind, and here he was, still doing it. We didn’t need a fire alarm, not with Atlas, not with this great fluff-beast storming around screaming at the top of his lungs “DAMN IT GUYS, I SAID FIRE, FIIIIIIREEEEEE!” It was both hilarious and very sad. We eventually quietened him down and after some snuggles and reassurances that no, his beautiful main wouldn’t be ruined, he returned to his usual state of purrs, screams, and grumbles.

Food is eventful.

I’ve just been told that I shouldn’t swallow gum, but I wanted to. I am an independent woman and I will swallow my gum even if it means that it will live forever in my stomach!

Ah, what was the point of today. Oh, yes, it’s New Year’s Eve! Wahey! Where the heck did the year go? I feel as though it was only a few days ago I was sat on the sofa posting a YouTube video of Auld Lang Syne and now here I am sitting on a chair in a really uncomfortable position fighting the urge to listen to Auld Lang Syne because it’s still New Year’s Eve morning here. If I am spelling it wrong it is just proof of my resolve!

We can’t really decide what to do this evening. We throw out ideas like “food?” “mmhmm, food.” and “Beach?” “mmhmm, maybe beach!” and then sip tea and pretend that we have forever to decide. There’s a chance we’ll end up in with the cats – it depends on fireworks. Generally, they aren’t too loud around here and our cats aren’t too bothered by them, but with the gremlins just having surgery on Thursday we’re better safe than sorry. Although given the crashing around they’re doing they seem absolutely fine! Fen’s taken it hardest because he’s needed to be separated from them. He’s enjoying all the fuss and attention he’s getting from us, and it’s fun to be destroying a new bed and to see how many times a night he can wake us, but he can hear his brothers and they cry out to each other. It’ll all be worth it in the end, but it’s hard to speak mewlish and explain to Fen that while he’s still a bit poorly he can’t be near his brothers – vets orders.

I’m going to call it quits here. I have very important things to do like try and catch a shiny Ekans – it is not going as planned and I feel as though the internet has lied to me. I needs it though, tricksy preciouses. Oh, and now the floor is purring. Atlas has wedged himself under a cupboard.

On that note, a happy New Year’s Eve* to you all and I hope that however you celebrate it’s wonderful!

Arbie x


* It is now New Year’s Day by 58 minutes but I wrote this yesterday and I will not be defied wordpress, I will not! (I forgot to post it)


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