That crazy fishcraft

Aaaaah man. We’re 3 days in and I’ve already fallen behind on things I wanted to write about. This is one of the reasons I stopped blogging! I’d get ideas of what to write about and then days would go by and then the ideas (that weren’t exactly fabulous) would all congregate together and have a meeting where they’d decide because I was so slow on writing about them they wanted me out of the club.

Anyway, let’s rewind.

New Year’s Day!

A year come and gone again, they do that a lot. This year I’m not bothering with resolutions. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through being in recovery (do you call in that?) with mental illness it’s that I do not work well with goals. The pressure becomes a problem and the sense of failure sucks away any sense of success. So, instead, I just think – I’d like to do that. What would I like to do this year? I’m not even sure. Have a good year? Get some challenges down? Bake something tasty without setting fire/flooding/destroying anything? Wait, are these resolutions? Abort, abort!

The big 1/1/19 was pretty relaxed though. Actually, it was insanely relaxed. I was chilling on the bed catching ekans (in the end I never got a shiny ekans but I did get a shiny charmander aaaaaaah yeaaaaaah!), there was a beautiful breeze from outside blowing through that Fen was also enjoying, and then, out of no where but the sweet gods of foot happiness, my fiancé decided to not only give me a foot massage, but file and paint my nails too. At first I felt uneasy, I never like people (even paid people) pampering me – it just doesn’t feel right. And then it was great and he did an awesome job! I didn’t realize how sore my feet had felt from the flight until after all the pampering when they felt light and awesome instead!

By the time the evening rolled around we decided to try and go to the pool. I’d wanted to go all day but it had sounded busy and because I’m not the most confident person I’d kept putting it off. In the end, I Arbied up and said yes when my fiancé suggested we go. There were a family there and a group in the hot tub, but I got in the pool for the whole of a minute! Unfortunately, my fiancé wasn’t feeling well (he has a number of nasty illnesses) so we headed home. I’d say achievement unlocked for being brave and reminding myself I’m allowed space and nice things too, though!

On to yesterday!

Yesterday we went to see Aquaman. Now I don’t know if it’s because I’m an aquarius or because I like sharks, or because there were too many times at the comic book store that I looked at an Aquaman comic and put it back down again that… where was I going with this? I loved the film. It was fantastic.

Off to see the wizar… fishman!

The effects were some of the best I’ve seen and the film itself flew by. Nicole Kidman is one of my all time favourite actresses so getting to see her in a super hero film wielding a trident and surviving in what looked like a hidden area in ARK was all the new years resolutions and bucket lists ticked off forever. Of course, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard were also brilliant. I especially enjoyed watching Mera (Amber Heard) perform her super cool fishcraft! Neat water displays, pulling water from Aquaman’s head, and smacking around the bad guy – it was great.


The cinema was also awesome. Call me a lover of simple things but give me a reclining chair and I’m super happy for a super long time. If I am writing super a lot it’s because my fiancé is talking to me about a blackberry and multitasking is hard. I wonder if I said the blackberry is super? It did look tasty.

I think we’re pretty much caught up. We’re at the late evening of today which is the 3/1/19 and eating fruit while watching Supernatural. I only recently got into this show (although because another alias of mine was Ratch Winchester my fiancé was certain I was a secret fangirl) and I think it’s awesome. I want their car.

The earlier part of the day was spent back at the pool, but actually swimming this time. I really need to get better at breathing. I tend to swim for a bit then realize I’m holding my breath and panic! Haha! I also read some more of Lady Mechanika which is so beautifully drawn and the story is neat too. I’ve never really been one for steampunk but I’m enjoying this. For some reason this reminds me of my first day here (this trip) and a man asking me if I speak German. Do I look German? Maybe! Anyway, he then went on to ask me if I am a Whovian and I felt somewhat ashamed to say no! Just never did it for me, you know? Anyway! We then did a lot of house cleaning (a lotta cats is a lotta cleaning) and uh… fast forward to Supernatural and fruit!

I’m sure I’ll start writing things that don’t just seem like a boring diary entry soon. I have a fair few ranty things bubbling inside but I’m trying to approach them with humour or more positively. I’m tired of stressing over and over about things and humour was always my coping mechanism. I need to do something about it though because I’ve been thinking about stopping with writing (novels, that is) and I think I just need to breathe and remember there is a lot going on right now, but it’ll all be okay and will pass soon. I’ll write about that some more in the future when I can even begin to get some idea of what is even going to be happening in the future!

OH! One last fun thing (maybe, depends whether or not you think I suck), me and me fiancé bloke person are thinking of doing some live streaming playing games. It’s not just because we want to jump in with the other folk doing it, but it also fits in with what I’m writing and with a blog series I wanted to do. We’ve been LDR for 2.5yrs and video games helped us share the same space when so far away from each other!

Snush time now! Fen has decided he wants to snuggle in against me and it’s hard to type.

Hope you’re all well and having a fantastic day/evening/night!

Arbie x

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