I spy

Aaaaah sheeeeet. Well I saw this one coming. We fell asleep late last night. My fiance was unable to eat for a few hours after we got home. There’s a lot of stress on at the moment with mounting expenses so being stuck with a $260 fine over forgetting to put a placard in the window really sucks. Of course, this is on top of the stupid note someone decided to leave.

We spoke a lot. I tried to draw him into a game of Hook insults (remember the scene between Pan and Rufio?) aimed at the writer of the note but he was too withdrawn. I got creative about it and he smiled – awesome! A foot in! From then on I attempted the fine balance of making someone laugh, when possible, while also offering reassurances – and food. Can’t call down curses on morons without a full belly!


Late to bed for us meant late to bed for the cats and damn did they let us know about it. It’s like cat labyrinth here while we finally get four of the gremlins over the URI hump. Cats everywhere but not able to roam wherever while needing to be separated. Bang bang bang bang! The gremlins are recovering from surgery fast! Maaaaaaaawowwwwww! Fen can hear them and is calling to them from the bedroom. Crassssshhh clatterrrrrr! Joey is chasing shadows through the house. Wwwaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! Atlas is letting us all know he’s part cat and part banshee.

Of course, some fuss, a lot of apologies (grovelling and promises to erect statues in their honour), and half an hour of waving around whatever toy they’re currently obsessed with soon tired them out enough for cat and gremlin wind down time – which meant time to collapse into bed for…. MAAWOWWWWW! MAWOW! MAAAWOWWW!


Okay, we know we’re the worst. We leave for hours, days, weeks! and come back without even a measly offering. More love and cuddles and one happy gremlin later we can settle down.

Honestly, I was fast out within a couple of hours, but when I woke an hour or so ago I knew it was for the long run. I tried to tell all the ruminating rubbish and stresses that they can wait for a more suitable time and for now to bugger off, but why would they listen, eh? So, I’m now caught up on my “reader” tab (you all need to write more by decree of the queen – just don’t ask her about it, but she said it) and I’m left not knowing what to…

Ah, you’re kidding me.

My fiance who is still doped up and out for the count beside me just knocked his jacket into me. It made a weird clacking sound so I glance over and see we left the price tags hanging off it. He’s been wearing it for two days. I think I now have the sleepy giggles because I’m laughing far too much at this. Fen is judging me.

Fen, Fen, Mawow, Mawow!

Sunlight casts a warm but dull glow over the room. The sound of a tap dripping gains his attention. A small and stocky body stretches, white and orange fur an accidental match to the colours that begin to ripple across the walls.

La de da
This is boring, which means I’m boring you. Be passionate about your writing! they say. Bleed onto the page! Share your soul! … ahem… but not too passionate because when someone completely trashes it you need to be as cool as a cucumber about it! Well that sure makes sense! Be passionate, but don’t care. Be vulnerable, but have thick skin! Okay okay okay.

Look at that, three okays. Not even going to give in and write four! Wait, what if all this resistance I’m putting up against OCD and following patterns and numbers is the reason bad things keep happening. If I count it back there might be no correlation whatsoever but my brain doesn’t want to allow for that so I won’t dwell on coincidence, I’ll glance over it and allow uncertainty to dwell in my mind instead.

one, two, three, fo… nope. Not doing it!


Oh man, Instagram. I’m going to head to that and look at the shiny pictures. Hopefully soon only one of my eyes will remain open (when tired I turn into a scowling pirate) and then sleep will come soon after.

I won’t post thi…


Some time later but on the same day


It’s the evening now but the room, although a different room, looks similar to how it did this morning when I first started writing this post. I think I intended to post it after I had written it, but seeing a half sentence “I won’t post thi” I remember that I also ran out of words on the notepad app on my phone.

Kinda funny to think a phone told me off for talking too much – it’s what you need me to do! Without words you don’t exist! Then again, there’s always gifs.

We got one of our to do before moving tasks done today, which feels good. Although it was a bit embarrassing turning up with three cats and eventually leading to a line building up behind us… I hate being those people. But, ah, Callie, Joey, and Atlas now all have their annual boosters done. I was a bit worried it came across like they hadn’t been vaccinated before – but, I think that was social anxiety getting the best of me a little bit.

I just sat outside for a few minutes. It’s a beautiful evening and whereas back home sitting in the garden and watching the world go by can be intimidating for some reason, here, it’s pretty relaxing. I love this place and I’ll be sad when my fiancé needs to sell.

A plant I spied in the garden
We got some good time out of here though you know? And what an amazing experience. If in the future I’m ever rich enough to move to Hawaii, I think I’d like to come back – my fiancé, not so much!

Okay, off to make a gingerbread house before I start feeling meh. No meh allowed!

I hope you all had a great weekend and that the beginning of the week is a good one!


Arbie x



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