mmmm the maple kind

Oooooh it’s a foggy ‘oliday with Arrrrbie! Ahaha, I wasn’t too sure how to start this post, but I’m a bit foggy headed this morning and that was the first thing that came to mind! Now I will spend the day with Mary Poppins in my head. I hear there is a new film, through the bushes and the trees this great news reached me. Emily Blunt… YouTube trailers… possibly penguins… whispered the spirits and teased the fairies.

I have no idea where I saw it actually. Maybe on the plane on that upcoming films thing you click on when you’re really bored but don’t want to sit through another film. Why did we start talking about Mary Poppins?

Ah, if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em.

This weekend has been a pretty good one. Relaxed but getting on with things, finally finding the time to start replying to messages from family. You know rubbishness of mental illness got me so good I still haven’t met my brother’s new daughter? How much does that suck? Well, I’m hoping that when I’m back I’ll be as up as I am now to finally meet her.

My brothers are great, and this brother (my eldest) was pretty much my best friend for years. We’d spend evenings together cooking food after work and watching X Files. I’d fall asleep on his sofa and wake up to play Black Ops together – he sticking bombs to helmets and me running around calling anyone who out-gunned me a cheat. Cheats, I tell ya! We also have the same sense of humour and could spend ages bouncing nonsense off each other and creating silly scenarios – lots and lots of laughter. So, you can probably imagine how much things have changed from that to where I couldn’t even see him (and my new niece) even months after she’d been born. Damn, the guilt. The stress of it all. Well, now I’ve finally replied (and apologized) and I’m hopeful and optimistic and sometimes what more can we be?

We seem to be spending a lot of money on food. Trying to eat better (and more) we’re testing out recipes, but even supposedly cheap ones wind up expensive out here. I’m not complaining, I’m more trying to work out the best way to eat well (and not just ramen and eggs) and not spend too much. We have a lot of furry mouths to feed, man, we can’t be livin’ on “cheap dinners” that cost the same as fine dining! Ahaha, okay, it ain’t that bad. I think we just suck at cooking so everything winds up expensive. It also doesn’t help that maple fudge appears in the store and well, maple fudge… I think I’d be happy just eating that for three meals a day.

We finally got to the beach! I think I’ve been here 3 weeks and only now have we gone to the beach (during the day – we celebrated New Years on the beach). We were late out and I felt a little sad, like we’d wasted the day (after losing so much time to mental illness I’m very anxious about time – not good, need to work on this) but we arrived just as the sun was beginning to set so I saw this as a good thing. I’d been a little unwell that day and so my fiancé set about cheering me up.

He likes to pull these faces ahaha
It’s my birthday in a few weeks and one of the presents he ordered arrived. I thought I’d been doing reasonably well and keeping quiet about how I was feeling that day, but he knows me incredibly well (or maybe I just have a very unpokerlike face). He decided to give me one of my presents early. Aaaaaaah they made me smile so, so much! ZAPDOS EARRINGS. Now, I’ve spoken about Pokemon a few times. I love that franchise. And, so, of course I have favourite pokemon! One of the top of the top being Zapdos, ever since I bought a preowned copy of Heart Gold and found a cheated lvl 100 Zapdos called Zappo on there. I eventually caught my own, Dark Zappo – and so now, with these wonderful earrings, I have Zappo and Dark Zappo!


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not super happy because yay material objects, it’s how well he knows me. For one, recognising how mentally unwell I was that day, but two, finding me a gift that he knew would make me smile from ear to ear! But yes, they are incredibly cute! I consider myself very lucky.

So, the sunset was beautiful and soon after it was tucked away and the moon had begun to glow we got into the car and headed home. We had planned to stop at Taco Bell on the way back but things went a little awry and I showed my true colours as an addict.

I saw that we were approaching, but my fiancé wasn’t slowing down. I’m not proud of what happened next… I turned to him, shouting “Dude! Taco Bell! Noooooo!” before twisting back to the window and banging against the glass, all while shouting “Noooooo!” To anyone watching, I would have been the moron hammering on the window screaming NOOOOOOO while passing Taco Bell… but, dude, no! Cheesy rolls!

We went back later, after much mocking had ensued – and children, they say that if you listen in the night as the moon yawns into the sky, you can still hear it today. It turns out (after I was reading this to my fiancé) that I was the one who said that we should go to another shop first – and had forgotten… ehehehhe, *whistles*

The next day I’m not sure what happened because I was in a cheese coma. Not really! No, wait, what did we do? One sec… Oh! We saw the Super Blood Wolf Moon! We tried to take pictures but with our phones it wasn’t the best. We stood and looked at it for some time while talking which was calming and really something else. I usually miss them so it was awesome to see this one with my fiancé without realizing it was going to be there.

If you look rrrrreally closely you can see a slight tinge of red!
Okay, and then, we spent a lot of our time the following days doing boring document things, house prep things, and cat introduction things. That was the best bit. We’ve been introducing the cats to each other and they’ve been completely chill – well, apart from Dodger, but Dodger is one shady kitten!

It seems to go that as long as they bow to the king (Atlas) then all is well. Fergus did this brilliantly, came in, gave a little bow, and then he and Joey became fast friends! Next up though, was Dodger… well, he did bow eventually, it just came after he stole a catnip carrot and completely destroyed it, got high, then hissed at everyone while running on his back legs with it in his front paws… shadyyyyyy! Chidi is a timid little boy so we’re letting him move at his own pace, and Puddin’, well, Puddin’ needs to learn boundaries!

We brought him down expecting a similar experience to Fergus, instead even Joey (our friendliest and weirdest adult) was confused by him. Upon first seeing Joey he rushed over to him, tail held high in the air, meeeeewwwwwwws a crying, and then nudged his head right against him. Joey turned and walked away, but Puddin’ followed with another meeeeewwww and head bump, and another, and then Joey completely “TOO SOON, MAN” raised his paw for a bop before turning and scampering off to play with Fergus.

Chidi and Dodger
I’m seriously impressed with these cats, and incredibly interested. Although I don’t know what shaped Joey to be the super chill cat that he is, I’ve known the kittens since they were 2 months old and although I can’t know what shaped their personalities up until that point it is fascinating to me how much they have kept certain aspects. I suppose it’s the whole nature and nurture thing I’m getting at. For example, Dodger was the hardest kitten to socialize and he is still the most flighty, Puddin’ on the other-hand, I literally lifted up and put into a carrier without a struggle and still today he is wildly confident.

And then I don’t really remember what happened where and when other than what I watched last night when I gave up trying to sleep because my fiancé was snoring like the best of them and Fenrir was practicing his singing. I watched a documentary called Abducted in Plain Sight and I can’t even begin to describe how disturbed I am. I try not to judge but I just can’t understand how so much of what happened, well, happened. To be brief, it’s the story of a young girl and how she is kidnapped twice by the same person.

Which leads me to right now and sitting at the desk writing this post that didn’t even start out strong so I can’t be disappointed about where we’ve ended up. Fergus is stretching behind me in the window and Puddin’ is having a scratch on a little seat that he looks to have claimed as his. There are so many cat beds in this place that I doubt anyone will care. As long as Atlas has his little pink donut all will remain right in the world. If not, we’ll soon know about it because that cat can screaaaaammm and complain like no other!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend whatever you did and that you also remembered it better than it would seem I managed to! Here’s to a good week!

Arbie x


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  1. Oh wow Arbie, I read all your story, enjoying your snippets and you banging on the car window yelling Noooooo….. and without any more comments I’ll send you this video of Cat Power…………

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