A Roomba we shall go!

In my mission to no longer commit cruelty towards fellow bloggers, I am hoping to write shorter posts. I usually end up writing ridiculously long blogs because I am of the procrastinating I’ll do it later mentality. As such, with yesterday’s blog as example, I will begin writing a post one day and finish it the next.

I’m also thinking of getting involved in some of the types of posts I see others writing. Such as reply posts to prompts, or quizzes, or photographs – just so that I’m writing even when not writing what I should be writing.

As for today, we went down the Roomba rabbit hole. Being the owners of toomanycats it doesn’t matter how often we sweep or vacuum you could knit a sweater out of the fluff that blows around this place. Not great for me when I have a cat allergy. Sometimes, when Fen is howling, Dodger is dodging, and Joey is licking the wall I don’t know why I put myself through it.

Anyway, Roomba. A lady at the petshop who has three cats and a dog was telling us how helpful they are in keeping the house clean. It took a couple of days of mulling over (knowing how expensive these little chimney sweep robots are) but we’re most likely going to get one – a cheaper one! I mean hell, they can be near $1,000! I don’t know about you but at that rate I’d be expecting it to take me to dinner once a week and run me some rose petal baths. Yeeeesh.

Amidst looking up Roombas, it got me and my fiancé talking, you know, all the sensible questions we should be asking ourselves before making such a pricey purchase.

“Do you think there is a forum for Roombas where they rate us like we rate them? Roombarating.com, or something?”

“Huh, maybe… Probably a roombadating.com too, where they can find like-minded robots on a similar paygrade.”

“Think they care about that kind of thing?”

“I’d say so. Then again if some of them are 200 bucks and some are a 1,000 there might be some snobbery.”

“Ah, so I bet they’d need hit Roombas.”

“Like a dark web for Roombas?”

“Yeah, for Roomba assassins. Hired to take out both Roombas and humans with bad ratings on roombarating.com”

“They’d just end up with gambling debts if they had a Roomba dark web.”
“What would a Roomba gamble on?”

“You’ve seen how they crash into each other? Roomba Wrestling.”

“Huh, I guess. I bet they’d sell drugs there, too.”

“Ha, Roombas wouldn’t do drugs. They’ve got their careers to worry about, they’re only ever one receipt away from a refund.”

“Sure they would, the finest dust lines, the best maine coon fluff on the web. Roombas would fall in with bad crowds fast.”

“And end up on lonelyroomba.net.”


“Where depressed Roombas go. Roombas that fell off the wagon. Roombas that were kicked out of their homes but are still connected to the WiFi. Roombas that are one charged battery off taking that final leap down the staircase before they join the other lonely Roombas in the sky.”

“This got dark.”
“We should adopt a Roomba…”
“I agree.”


Or something like that. I actually laughed so much while talking about this I forgot a lot of it. After much discussion (as I said was important before making a pricey purchase) we’ve decided to adopt the Roomba that is most in need. Or just hope to find one on sale. I hope that my cats aren’t terrified of it. I remember once seeing a video of a cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba, that’d be neat. I hope they do that.

But then again, what kind of rating would that earn them on roombarating.com?


Hope you’re doing well and treating your Roomba kindly!

Arbie x


6 thoughts on “A Roomba we shall go!”

  1. I’m laughing…a lot. I can see my kitten Tulip riding the Roomba with Ezra, the other kitten, chasing behind it. Or my Great Dane deciding it would be fun to try and then…squash…no more Roomba. Sad.


  2. I can’t even imagine how our cats would react to a Roomba. I imagine George (huge orange tabby) would ignore it, whereas Kaspar would sit in a corner staring at it for hours.


  3. While reading this I checked that Roomba is Alexa-compatible, and I’m happy to report that it is! Because not only am I too lazy to vacuum, I would also be too lazy to get up off the couch to activate it.
    “Alexa, tell Roomba to tidy up last night’s pizza” is something I could probably handle.


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