The Untimely End of Sherknado Senpai

Remember when I got a bit carried away talking about the prospect of buying a Roomba? No? It was here. Well, I read the comments (wait, did I reply?) and I took into account the different opinions. For some time, we relied on a broom, two vacuum cleaners and a swifter (or whatever it’s called) to keep the house clean with all the cats around.

This was sufficient until a couple of days ago when what I can only describe as upcoming realtor visit panic set in. You know I have obsessive compulsive disorder, but my compulsions have never (to my memory) set in with cleaning. I’m more prone to a relatively messy house, actually. So, with the ins and outs of getting things really, really clean being somewhat of a mystery to me (and my fiancé) we decided to hire help in the form of a robot. We named him Sherknado Senpai and to begin with everything was going well.

He did his job, he fit in, and we no longer had stray bits of cat fur floating around to act up my allergies. Everything seemed great!

And then the morning rolled round, and with it, Senpai decided he’d had enough. We had, admittedly, been working him to the bone, but when I pulled on my dressing gown and stumbled down the stairs to make us both a coffee, I was not ready for what I found.

I screamed, “Senpai, no!” Soon my fiancé was beside me, looking over my shoulder.

I can only think getting caught beneath the chair in the kitchen one too many times pushed him over the edge.


We removed the string and, honestly, Senpai was in a difficult condition for a little while, but now he appears to be coping much better. We help out more and we make sure to keep blind strings out of his reach (and wires from under the bed after a particular episode in which we caught him fleeing with one between his uh, broom-hands?).

Other than this, things are going okay. I’m slightly inactive on social media and here due to preparing for moving house and country. My visa is now at the NVC stage and so I need to prepare for my interview and our affidavit of support. It appears to be a consulate discretion situation and after my experience at the airport I can’t help but be slightly anxious about that. I don’t think I ever spoke in detail about what happened, but just to simplify it, in the space of 12 hours I was admitted into the USA without issue (and then after missing my flight) I was nearly denied – a 12 hour difference, with the same initial answers, but officer’s discretion. So, yes, anxious anxious anxious and wanting to triply make sure all paper work is in order.

On the topic of visas, I’m not sure if I mentioned previous plans and how they keep changing because our circumstances keep changing. Until roughly a couple of weeks ago we were under the impression we would be moving between France and England, now we are pretty sure we’re going to be living in North Carolina instead – quite the difference. At least, that is where the majority of places we’re looking at are located. If you have any suggestions on a state you think is awesome then feel free to let me know in the comments!

This of course means we’re going to be separated again, but hopefully this time not for too long. We went a few months without seeing each other last time and that was really rough. It means I have a lot of planning to do in terms of what to do with employment or study (I had previously thought to continue with a doctorate and then to teaching, but instead I’m now interested in training to become a speech therapist) before I get my EAD.

In terms of writing, I haven’t had much time to focus on fiction, but I’m trying to look at the silver lining and I’m hoping to begin releasing new work in about four months.

Other than all that, cats are healthy, mouse is healthy, ferret is healthy, axolotls are healthy, rabbits are healthy, fiancé is resting up now he’s been medically retired, and I have green hair.


Hope you’re all well and enjoy this log from the year 2019, outer space.

Arbie. X


At the time of just-before-posting this Sherknado Senpai was found bashing his head against a wall after the cats had presumably been tormenting him for quite some time.

9 thoughts on “The Untimely End of Sherknado Senpai”

  1. I can just see that poor thing trying to climb the curtains by using the cord for the blinds. Poor Sherknado. The real puzzler here for me is why you are choosing such disparate destinations. France? South Carolina? Huh? And how are those healthy pets going to get from one place to another? Suddenly the plight of Sherknado isn’t quite as concerning. You know I send you all the good luck in the world…wherever you end up in it! ❤️

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    1. He does try! Difficult situation, I’m from the UK and fiance is from the USA. Situations keep changing and we’re constantly trying to work out what is best for us (he has just been medically retired and is disabled so needs to be near a VA hospital – which we were told were easily accessibly in EU but turns out not so much) and our cats. Our cats will be flying/driving with us. They’re pretty much set to go with vaccinations and health checks, they just need their certificates – but that will be 10 days before we leave. My ferret is a different situation altogether – I’m not convinced she’ll make it to the USA without being in cabin… which means I might be flying to Russia and then to NC! So much planning to try and keep the family happy and together. Thank you. I’m sure it will all work out in the end! I say as I dread my upcoming consulate interview.

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      1. And what about the axolotls? I just love that you have them as pets. I really hope you can find a way to get your ferret transported without much fuss. Moving is traumatic as it is without having to worry about your pets. As for suggestions on where to go…Maine has a VA hospital! Just saying… 😉

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